Daily 3-Bet: Mercier Moxie, Neymar Freeze, NYC Poker Underground

Jason Mercier
Kid stays in the picture

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a camera above the door, a bouncer named Tiny and no chance of uninvited guests at the afternoon poker news card room.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Jason Mercier still at the top of the poker game, Neymar gets his assets frozen and we gain access to the secret world of New York City poker.

1) Mercier Stands Test of Time

When 21-year-old Jason Mercier won the 2008 EPT San Remo Main Event he was a virtual unknown to anyone who didn't know his treysfull21 online nickname.

Despite one of the sickest calls in poker history during that run and a follow-up High Roller win/2nd EPT final table shortly after there were still many who called him a "luckbox" on a heater.

Jason Mercier
Still got it.

Seven years later Mercier has closed out yet another week at #1 on the GlobalPokerIndex Top 300 that ranks the best poker tournament players in the world.

Turns out he's had more staying power than the haters expected. With 3 SCOOP titles this Spring and his third WSOP bracelet this summer he might even just be reaching his peak. Rest of the top 10 this week:

  • 1. Jason Mercier 4,236.18 pts
  • 2. Byron Kaverman 4,075.59 pts
  • 3. Anthony Zinno 4,006.18 pts
  • 4. Scott Seiver 3,936.44 pts
  • 5. Nick Pietrangelo 3,829.78 pts
  • 6. Paul Volpe 3,699.56 pts
  • 7. Stephen Chidwick 3,677.29 pts
  • 8. Dominik Nitsche 3,620.49 pts
  • 9. Martin Finger 3,607.46 pts
  • 10. Davidi Kitai 3,601.95 pts

Zinno still holds down the top spot in the 2015 GPY Player of the Year race followed by Kaverman. Full rankings for each here.

2) Brazilian Court Freezes £31.3m of Neymar's Assets

Just a few days after this enjoyable Neymar meme circulated around the Tokyo Game Show his brow is likely a lot more furrowed than it was in that cardboard cutout.

Trouble with taxman.

The Brazilian football icon and PokerStars Sports Star who dabbled in some high-stakes poker at EPT Barcelona has had a major portion of his assets frozen by the Brazilian gov't.

According to The Guardian a São Paulo federal court declared Neymar allegedly "evaded 63m reals (£10.5m) in Brazil taxes between 2011 and 2013."

A judge subsequently froze £31.3m of his assets - 3x what he owes - to allow for "potential interest and fines."

Neymar’s total assets were stated at 244.2m reals. The allegations are part of a larger investigation into the tax implications of his complicated €86.2m transfer to Barcelona.

3) "New Yorkers Deserve to Be Treated as Adults"

Erik Seidel
Seidel: Also made his way in NYC

Fantastic read heading into the weekend from writer/poker player Karol Markowicz on Observer.com today (following up a good one on Vanessa Selbst this week, too).

The topic is ostensibly the silliness of banning online poker (in the midst of countless other, lesser forms of gambling exempt from the laws) traced alongside a history of playing in some of New York's famous (and ultimately dangerous) underground poker clubs.

If that's not enough to pique your interest, an excerpt:

"We did, however, worry about robbers. I had a friend who was a dealer at Genoa, the old downtown place. It had been robbed and he said the scariest part was that the guy pointing the gun at him was scared and shaking so hard that my friend feared he would accidentally shoot him.


"This turned out to be prescient. In November 2007, Frank DeSena, a schoolteacher from New Jersey, was at the City Limits club in Gramercy when robbers busted in. They ordered everyone onto the floor and one of the nervous gunmen dropped the shotgun he was carrying. The gun went off, killing DeSena."

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