Daily 3-Bet: Mercier Mash, Juanda Benefact, ISPT WTF

Screenshot from original ISPT promo video.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a loose €50k plaque flipped casually across the table for a complimentary rebuy in the afternoon poker news high roller.

Any suggestions for a future 3-Bet feel free to drop a note in the comments.

Today in the 3-Bet we find Jason Mercier back to his old mashing habits, John Juanda finding a benevolent high-rolling benefactor and Prosper Masquelier and the ISPT still very confused by the word “guarantee.”

1) Mercier Mashing in Europe, Just Like Old Times

Jason Mercier
Potato king.

About a month ago, PokerStars pro Jason Mercier launched a tweet heard with equal parts understanding and scorn around the world.

The gist of it? He was sick and tired of running so bad in 2012.

Given how well he ran from, say, 2008-2011, a lot of people had a hard time drumming up any sympathy for him.

Ever since that tweet, though, Mercier’s fortunes have definitely gravitated back to 2008-2011 levels.

A WCOOP $10k 8-Game win, big-time cashes from his horse, Dan O’Brien, and several cashes in Europe have eased his anguish.

Now with just 35 players left in the WSOPE Main Event, Mercier is back near the top of the chip counts as usual - second overall with 880k and in line for another deep run.

The field behind him is definitely still stacked but with a big cash and EPT San Remo, the place where Mercier burst onto the live scene in 2008, next up things could get crazy in the Mercier camp this month.

Check back for a full recap of the day's action later today.

2) Juanda Short on Cash, Yong Flips Him €50k Loose Change

John Juanda
Friends in high-rolling places.

Even after several years covering tournaments around the world and seeing all levels of poker degeneracy, it's still sometimes hard to believe the lives of top-tier pros are real.

Former FTP owner John Juanda's previous paychecks aside, he still rolls in a realm of high-roller friends that makes life seem absurd.

Case in point: today in the €50k High Roller in Cannes. Bust out and short on cash? No problem if you're pals with a millionaire across the table. From WSOP.com:

“Richard Yong just cracked John Juanda's aces with pocket fives. The board ran out in favor of Yong to give him an eight-high straight.

“After busting for the second time, Juanda said he wanted to rebuy, but also said he didn't have any money on deposit.

“Yong, who was high-fiving his friends after hitting the straight, yelled out, ‘I'll buy you in! I'll buy you in!’ and tossed €50,000 over the table to Juanda.”

While some former FTP pros such as Mike Matusow and Erick Lindgren appear much worse for wear post-FTP, it seems Juanda landed on his feet. Check back for a recap of the €50k High Roller later on PokerListings.

3) Prosper Masquelier: "There Was Never a Guarantee"

Of all the possible grey areas in a poker tournament, one part seems to be very cut-and-dry.

Prosper Masquelier
Masquelier: Sticks by "no guarantee" story.

You either guarantee the prize pool and pay out said figure, whatever the turnout, or you don't guarantee anything. Poker players don't seem to care much either way - just as long as you deliver what you advertise.

Prosper Masquelier, co-founder of the International Stadiums Poker Tour set to debut at Wembley Stadium next May, still seems foggy on where the ISPT stands on the idea.

“Have you seen the words guarantee on the website?" he told PokerListings today at the WSOPE in Cannes. "Never! ... Basically, we have now estimated the prize pool, but we never said anywhere that there would be a guarantee.

“And honestly, considering what happened at the Partouche Poker Tour, I doubt Mr. Tapie will feel like offering any guarantee.”

Screenshots from the ISPT website, the original promo video and a recent press conference clearly indicate otherwise, for both the €30m and €20m prize pools offered.

Translation confusion? Language barrier? Major marketing snafu?

Hard to say, but even without being language experts, "garantis" seems pretty close to "guaranteed." Check the clips below and draw your own conclusion:

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Hold'Em Genius 2012-10-03 08:12:10

Pleased that Mercier is back on form, and enjoying the backtracking by ISPT upon realising they might not make their guaranteed prize pools... but Juanda seems far too well in himself considering the ongoing debacle with Full Tilt that has left thousands of people without their hard earned cash! Talk about flaunting it in front of them.

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