Daily 3-Bet: Meltzer's Millions, Fricke's Oscar, Tweet King

Matt Marafioti

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a three-hit wonder of less-trafficked poker “news” stories that deserve a second look.

Any suggestions for a future 3-Bet, feel free to leave a note in the comments.

Today in the 3-Bet we find High Stakes Poker notable Alan Meltzer showing his generosity, Jimmy Fricke helping his anxiety at the poker table and the new king of poker Tweeters.

1) Meltzer Leaves $1 Million to Chauffeur, $500k to Doorman

Watching Alan Meltzer on High Stakes Poker, it always seemed like he was a good guy.

A former pretzel vendor who made millions in music as the owner of Wind-Up Records, Meltzer just seemed to get a true kick out of playing high-stakes poker with the best in the world.

Meltzer passed away in October last year but the New York Post reported today that he gave a fair share of his estate to two close employees – his chauffeur Jean Laborde, whom he left $1 million, and his doorman, Chamil Demiraj, whom he left $500,000.

Said Laborde:

“He was always joking. He never looked down on anybody. He was such a nice guy. He left me money, but it’s not a good deal for me because it means he’s no longer here.”

His ex-wife, who got nothing? She wasn't so generous with her soundbite:

"He can leave it to whoever he wants to. I'm doing fine. I could care less. If he wants to give it to the bums, he can give it to the bums. He could f--k a nun. I couldn't give a s--t. He can give his money to whoever he wants. We're divorced. The man is dead."

Meltzer also wasn’t too shabby as a player, either, even if he needed to bink a straight to win a $400k pot off durrrr every now and then:

2) Fricke Brings Oscar to the Table

Oscar at the table. Photo: Will Souther.

Fans of Jimmy “Gobboboy” Fricke are likely familiar with his Daschund, Oscar.

As, Fricke tweets about Oscar regularly, has a picture of Oscar as his online poker avatar and he’s done interviews with Oscar on camera with him.

Pretty much where Fricke goes, Oscar goes – and now that includes the poker table.

Fricke surprised a few tablemates over the weekend when he played the WSOP-C main event at Caesars in Las Vegas with Oscar at the table with him.

As Fricke explained in a forum post in December, Oscar has gone through training to become a service dog to help him with anxiety.

Fricke busted short of the money however (not to mention an impressive final 15 that includes Sean Getzwiller, Dutch Boyd and Jeff Madsen btw).

3) The New King of Poker Tweeters – @Adzizzy

Matt marafioti
You decide. Or don't

Some prefer the gentle comedy stylings of @erik_seidel. Some like the self-aggrandizing name dropping of @phil_hellmuth.

Others lean to the heart-on-sleeve musings of @RealKidPoker.

If you prefer ballsy call-it-like-he-sees-it candor, dispatches from the baller lifestyle and the occassional Twitter war, however, Matt “@Adzizzy” Marafioti is your new favorite Tweeter.

What you'll get, according to his account bio:

"A very successful high stakes poker player also known as ADZ124. Some say I am funny, brash and entertaining. You decide! Or don't."

A sample:

@codyespeseth That must be why I am up 3 million playing cash on Stars overall! Also why I've won 28 live cash sessions in a row +200k!#Dolt

Can't wait 2 start playing cash after where I can think on the level of a person and not that of amateur tards playing on other ppls dollar.

Yep. @Adzizzy ftw. And while you're at it, follow PokerListings on Twitter here.

4) PA Eats Three Big Macs for Australian Open Final Tickets

This video's been kicking around for a few days but it's still worth a view to watch ultra-fit demi-god Patrik Antonius sully his digestive system with three Big Macs.

Long story short, Crown Casino PR legend Natasha Stipanov had tickets for the Australian Open final with Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic if PA ate the McDs.

He did, and got to see one of the greatest Grand Slam finals ever.

For the record, we would have done it just for the free Big Macs.

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