Daily 3-Bet: Megatron Talks Beast, Dmoon Dishes, Bilzerian Stroked

Ryan Riess3
Ryan Riess has one famous fan

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In today’s 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Calvin Johnson giving Ryan Riess props, Danielle Andersen getting bloggy and the most amazing Dan Bilzerian beard video ever.

1) Calvin Johnson on Ryan Riess: He Showed the Lions Love

New world champ Ryan Riess created considerable buzz by donning a Detroit Lions Calvin “Megatron” Johnson jersey at the 2013 WSOP Main Event final table.

Even noted sports personality Bill Simmons got in on the fun and Tweeted “Is this the greatest moment in Detroit Lion’s history?” when Riess was on the verge of winning the tournament.

Well the man who wears number #81 for the Lions finally commented on Riess’ achievement this week. The wide receiver was impressed by the young Michigander.

“He could have been paid to wear something from sponsors. That’s some love he’s showing for the Lions right there,” said Johnson. Check it out:

2) Danielle Andersen Gets on Video Blog Bandwagon

Danielle “Dmoongirl” Andersen is one of the most likable people in poker and now you’ll be able to follow her life through an ongoing video blog.

In the first episode Andersen talks about playing UKIPT Galway and traveling to Europe for the first time. Andersen also shares a pretty great story about Gus Hansen reffing a drinking contest and then teaching people to break-dance shirtless in the hotel lobby.

Sounds about right.

3) Beard Battle: Bilzerian vs. Sebok

So every Friday we’ve been pitting two poker rap songs against each but this week we decided to switch it up and go with competing… beards.

Just hear us out. First off we have a video Dan Bilzerian, a noted beard enthusiast, getting his beard stroked by an attractive girl during the WSOP Main Event final table.

It’s oddly hypnotic and has been making the mainstream rounds. Just click the photo below to see the beard-stroking for yourself.

We thought it was worth pitting against another famous poker player’s beard but then realized there aren’t a lot of beards in poker. Eskimo Clark? Chris Ferguson? Barry Greenstein? Joe Sebok?

Wait, Joe Sebok had a beard? Yes. Yes he did.

Dan Bilzerian

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