Daily 3-Bet: Main Event Tease, Moneymaker Yogi, Inside PokerStars

Chris Moneymaker
Never too late to get healthy.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a hemp power bar, a mid-day nap and some sunset yoga on the afternoon poker news retreat.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find the television poker moment we've all been waiting for, Chris Moneymaker finds a new path with an old friend in the Bahamas and the biggest online poker company in the world opens its doors again.

1) WSOP Main Event Airs Sunday

Been waiting for this? So have we...

2) Moneymaker Finds New Path with Calvin Anderson

You can't think about the WSOP Main Event of course without thinking of its most famous winner, Chris Moneymaker.

Eleven years later it's incredible to think Moneymaker is still forging a path in poker - and doing so quite admirably.

Calvin Anderson
In Cal Moneymaker trusts.

That's not to say he couldn't stand to make a few improvements, he says, as he found out in a surprising way over the past few weeks.

As Moneymaker writes in a new blog post he headed down to the Atlantis in the Bahamas to play the WCOOP and ended up connecting with his friend, coach and online icon Calvin "cal42688" Anderson.

Anderson was already grinding the WCOOP himself and the two ended up sharing some space. Anderson also shared some of his healthier, vegan and yoga-inspired ways.

Surprisingly, Moneymaker says, it took.

Seeing some immediate results in the way he felt Moneymaker says it was the kickstart he needed to join the growing health and fitness trend in poker.

3) PokerStars Opens Up

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at the biggest online poker company in the world? You're not alone, says PokerStars Head of Corporate Communications Eric Hollreiser.

A couple of months ago the famed online giant posted an exclusive video of a tour inside the PokerStars Isle of Man headquarters. It became a surprise smash hit, Hollreiser says in a new blog post, with over 75,000 YouTube views and some great feedback from fans and players.

As result PokerStars is following up with a new series of interviews with some key personnel based on question real players wanted answers to -- the first two parts of which have now been posted.

Want to know just what kind of company PokerStars is and where your money is? Watch below. Have a question you want answered? Let them know by emailing inside@pokerstars.com.

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