Daily 3-Bet: M:TG = New Poker, High Stakes Poker Stats, Seidel Unplugged

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The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet uses advanced stats to assemble a cheap but effective lineup of mid-afternoon poker news articles that might actually make the playoffs this year.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Deadspin extolling the values of M:TG over poker, analyze High Stakes Poker and listen to Erik Seidel talk about everything but poker.

1) Deadspin Proclaims M:TG the New Poker

Brock Parker
Brock Parker dominates poker and M:TG.

Could collectible card game Magic: The Gathering usurp poker’s place as the card game of choice on ESPN?

Deadspin writer Hunter R. Slaton argues that it could in an article titled “Magic: The Gathering, That Old Nerd Favorite, Is the New Poker”.

It’s a long article but it makes some interesting parallels to poker and what it’s actually like attending a professional M:TG tournament, where the prize pools are still minuscule compared to poker.

The article also references poker pros Brock Parker, David Williams and Eric Froehlich, who all still play Magic: The Gathering.

Here’s a choice cut from the piece talking about how M:TG is still trying to crack the TV market:

…And yet, before TV poker became a thing, people thought it was preposterous that anyone would ever watch that. (Fun fact: ESPN2 used to show Magic tournaments on TV—late at night, of course—back in the late 1990s.) The two card games actually have a great deal in common, so much so that there's a popular saying in the Magic community: "Poker for money, Magic for fun.”

Time to make poker more fun.

2) Erik Seidel Gives No-Poker Interview

Erik Seidel is one of the most compelling poker pros (and famous thanks to that Rounders cameo) but he actually doesn’t do a ton of interviews.

That’s why it’s interesting that Seidel gave an interview to MyNorthWest.com’s Ron Upshaw and discussed everything but poker.

Erik Seidel
Erik Seidel

According to Upshaw, Seidel agreed to do the interview as long as poker wasn’t the main focus.

Upshaw uploaded a complete audio file of the interview (which you can listen to here) and discussed everything from his love of Stevie Wonder to his early days playing backgammon in high school.

Seidel also talked about the glory days of the Mayfair Club where you would pay an hourly fee to get all the backgammon, scrabble, bridge, poker and even pinball action that you could handle.

Also interesting is that Seidel said the stock market crash of the ‘80s is what led him directly to playing poker for a living. It’s likely for the best considering Seidel currently has $20.8 million in lifetime tournament earnings.

3) My Poker Bankroll Analyzes High Stakes Poker

Daniel Negreanu
You might say Daniel Negreanu has been a tad unlucky on HSP.

So My Poker Bankroll is a pretty slick little app available for iOS that let’s people track their poker results in a simple but beautifully rendered package.

That’s not what we’re talking about today, however, as the crew behind the app has analyzed all seven seasons of High Stakes Poker on GSN.

The results are interesting to say the least. Here’s a few things you may, or may not, have known about the program over its seven seasons:

  • Biggest earner: Tom Dwan +$1.7 million
  • Biggest loser: Daniel Negreanu -$2 million
  • Illya Trincher lost $73k that might have come from his illegal gambling ring
  • Biggest amateur earner: Phil Ruffin +$396k
  • Most hands played: Daniel Negreanu - 881 hands

You can sift through the interactive series of charts on the MyPokerBankrollApp website to get even more information like VPIP, PFR and more.

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