Daily 3-Bet: Luneau Crushing, Savage Poker, PokerStars Rebrands

Bye EPT. Hello PokerStars Live.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at a particularly productive week from Alex Luneau, Hearthstone’s YoungSavage talking poker and how PokerStars is completely re-branding all its tours.

1) Alex Luneau’s $211k Day

After remaining relatively dormant for quite some time the high-stakes games on PokerStars are heating up again.


French poker pro Alex Luneau crushed the big $1k/$2k 8-game tables where he played against Who’s Who of high-stakes poker that included Isildur1, Alexander “joiso” Kostritsyn, Patrik “FakeLove888” Antonius, Matthew “MUSTAFABET” Ashton and Sami “Larslzk” Kelopuro.

According to highstakesDB, Luneau picked up $211k, which is impressive considering the competition he was up against.

As usual Isildur1 was one of the most active players and won the biggest pot, worth $120k, in a hand of PLO. By that point Isildur1 was already down nearly $200k so it was a particularly fortune result for the young Scandi.

The second biggest winner last night was none other than Carlo “Ravenswood13” van Ravenswood who earned $152k.

Last year van Ravenswood actually made the Battle of Malta final table where he finished fifth for $45k.

2) Hearthstone’s YoungSavage Talks Poker

Poker and Hearthstone.

20160313 Carlton Beener ESL Hearthstone AmericasWinterChampionship 02555
YoungSavage is familiar with poker. Blizzard photo.

People are going to be making parallels between the two games for a long, long time to come.

Breakout Hearthstone competitor Amnesiac, better known as YoungSavage, mentioned poker in a story for the The Players Tribune:

…If they haven’t heard of Magic, I’ll try to explain things to them by comparing Hearthstone to poker. Both games require somewhat similar skills in that you’re not only playing your cards, but you’re also anticipating your opponent’s cards. It’s not about having a quick-twitch or insane APM. It’s more about learning the game as you go, and using every piece of knowledge you have to improve for the next series.

Interesting stuff and the entire article is definitely worth a read if you have a few minutes.

3) The Big PokerStars Rebrand

Everyone knew it was coming but the big PokerStars rebrand is finally here.

The EPT, APPT, LAPT, Estrellas Poker Tour, PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and every other ‘Stars tournament page has been re-branded under the simplified “PokerStars Live” name.

It probably makes sense to have a unified PokerStars tour but to anyone who’s ever played an EPT or APPT event and harbored warm feelings for the individual tours it’s a bit of a bittersweet moment.

Looking for a little nostalgia before the EPT is officially shuttered in December? Here’s the 40 greatest hands in EPT history:

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