Daily 3-Bet: Lover’s Quarrel, Heads-Up with Boeree, Somerville Shootout

Liv Boeree Maxim
Liv Boeree (pet lizard not pictured)

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a visit from everyone’s favorite ice cream truck in the middle of a stiflingly hot poker news afternoon.

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Today in the 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Sam Razavi beating his own Fiancée to win a poker tournament, Liv Boeree’s home in England and an actual shootout between Jason Somerville and Dan O’Brien.

1) Sam Razavi Defeats Fiancée to Win APT Event

Sam Razavi by APT
Sam Razavi and Menchu Esdaile by APT

U.K. poker pro Sam Razavi is having one heck of a year on the Asian Poker Tour.

He’s currently sixth on the tour’s Player of the Year leaderboard with six cashes and two outright victories for 514 points.

His latest victory is bittersweet to say the least, however.

Razavi outlasted a 32-player field and defeated his own fiancée, Menchu Esdaile, heads-up to take the HK$3,000 Mix Game PLH/PLO title for HK$30,700 at APT Macau yesterday.

There have been numerous times that couples have been forced to share a table in major events (David “Doc” Sands and Erika Moutinho at the 2011 WSOP Main Event comes to mind) but we’ve never heard of the couple actually getting heads up.

Razavi entered heads-up with a 3-1 chip lead and never let up as he beat Esdaile in short order.

He later joked on Twitter that he’d be sleeping on the couch for the near future.

Interestingly Esdaile remains ahead of Razavi in POY on the APT. She currently sits with 619 points, which puts her in second so perhaps she’ll have the last laugh after all.

2) Somerville, O’Brien Go Shoot Some Guns

Shootout is a term that’s been somewhat marginalized in poker. While the poker variant is a fantastic test of skill it doesn’t quite have the impact of a shootout with actual guns.

Ultimate Poker pros Jason Somerville and Dan O’Brien brought more legitimacy to the word by having an actual shootout with a 9mm handgun in the recently released video below.

O’Brien and Somerville tested their aim by trying to complete a solid poker hand by shooting cards set up on a target.

Can’t wait until this is an actual bracelet event at the WSOP. Bet Doyle Brunson would do OK.

3) Stapes Goes Heads-Up with Boeree, Rocket Goes off Early

We’re pretty excited about the new Heads-Up with Stapes PokerStars videos because you get to finally see poker players away from the tables.

In his first video Joe Stapleton travels to Liv Boeree’s home in England and poker isn’t even mentioned.

Instead Stapes makes fun of Boeree’s childhood photos, pet lizard and horse. Then Stapes and Boeree compete in a rocket building contest. It’s good stuff.

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