Daily 3-Bet: Lövgren AMA, Coimbra Charity, No Poker Boom 2?

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Sofia Lövgren doing an AMA, André Coimbra making an amazing donation and the likelihood of another poker boom.

1) Sofia Lövgren Goes AMA on 888poker

Sofia Lovgren

Sofia Lövgren has been with 888poker for eight months now so it’s the perfect time for an Ask Me Anything on the 888 forums.

If you hurry you can get your own question in right now but we can already answer the majority of the questions already in the thread:

1. Sofia has a boyfriend

2. She’s not going to date you

So we’d suggest switching it up and maybe not asking one of those two questions.

A good question would be who is the biggest partier on Team 888poker because they go pretty hard on the poker circuit. Gotta be Jake Balsiger right? That kid is crazy!

Check out the AMA right here.

2) PokerStars’ André Coimbra Gives Back

It’s amazing when you see poker pros contribute to society in legitimate ways that will actually help people.

Last year PokerStars Online Pro André Coimbra successfully grinded $70 into $100,000 online and donated a significant portion to charity.

Andre Coimbra van
PokerStars photo: Andre Coimbra's new van!

This year Coimbra got to see the fruits of his effort as the charity he donated to, the APPACDM, purchased a new van.

Coimbra wrote about the experience and posted some pictures on his PokerStars blog.

The van ended up costing a little more than the $70,000 Coimbra donated to the charity but PokerStars chipped in the rest of the money as part of its Helping Hands initiative.

The APPACDM helps children, youths and adults with mental disabilities.

The new van has a wheelchair assist to help transport people to and from the institution

3) Don’t Expect Another Poker Boom But That’s OK

Chris Moneymaker
Don't expect another Moneymaker.

NJ-focused website www.njpokeronline.net has a good piece up about why their will never be another poker boom like the mid-2000s but that’s actually OK.

The entire article is worth a read but we really liked the five points about why 2003-2006 won’t be coming back including the end of poker novelty, much higher average skill level and the fact there are simply a lot more online entertainment options these days.

As author Steve Ruddock opines:

“Talk of creating another Boom without also talking about radical change is just that, talk. Unless someone has another hole card camera type innovation, or can somehow make poker even more accessible than online poker did in 2003, we can forget a second Poker Boom.”

On the bright poker is still a very fun game and even though it might not reach 2006 levels again that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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