Daily 3-Bet: Liv Fantasy, Heinz Live, Frist Revenge

Liv Boeree
Liv Boeree: Excellent multi-tasker.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a magical amulet with unlimited wishes and a water-of-life wineskin to carry you safely through afternoon poker news fantastica.

Any suggestions for a future 3-Bet, feel free to drop a note in the comments.

Today in the 3-Bet we find Liv Boeree grinding a few hands while riding a luck dragon, Pius Heinz dragging big pots in a streaming cash game and New York Times blogger Nate Silver shares his distaste for poker hater Bill Frist.

1) Liv Boeree Rides Falkor the Luck Dragon

NeverEnding Liv (Photo: 2+2 poster Pale)

We love a good photoshop thread as much as anyone so we've been keeping an eye on one that looked promising yesterday.

It started with a few promo shots of Liv Boeree PokerStars put out in May to promote the launch of its mobile app.

The shots, which aren't too shabby themselves, feature Boeree grinding a few hands while ostensibly doing other things like jogging, riding a tandem bike and roller skating.

Also, err, while sailing alone on a tiny pond and rock climbing. Nonsensical, sure, and mostly a showcase for Liv's abs, but still fun.

2+2, of course, took it to the next level.

Now you can enjoy Liv playing a few hands while jumping cars on a motorcycle, wrestling, piloting a fighter jet and riding Falkor, the luck dragon from The NeverEnding Story.

It's a gem, as you can see (Pic created by 2+2 poster Pale). Enjoy the thread here.

On another fantasy thread, check out a clip of Liv and boyfriend Kevin McPhee hitting up the EPT Grand Final on the I Bet My Life Travel show airing Nov. 4 below:

2) Heinz, Tony G., Renkemeier Sipping Wine, Stackin'

Speaking of German luck dragons (we kid, we kid), 2011 WSOP Main Event champ Pius Heinz is busy pitting that prize money up against some high-stakes heavy hitters as we speak.

Streaming live from the King's Casino in Prague, Heinz is playing a cash game with an interesting mix of players including Tony G., Jeff Lisandro, Tobias Renkemeier and Quirin Zech.

Blinds are 200/$400 and a 100 ante is in play; game is No-Limit Hold'em (at least for now).

Among the more awesome elements of a high-stakes European cash game: Beautiful dealers, tiny coffee cups and guys drinking wine at the table.

Watch the live stream below with the hilarious-sounding German commentary (plus intermittent English bits).

3) NY Times Blogger Nate Silver Not a Bill Frist Fan

Nate Silver
Nate Silver

Remember Bill Frist?

Former Senator Bill Frist who shoe-horned the UIGEA through Congress attached to a Safe Ports bill and fucked up online poker for 25 million Americans?

Yeah, that guy.

Turns out poker player, statistician and New York Times blogger Nate Silver isn't a fan either.

Silver, who runs the sharp and illuminating FiveThirtyEight blog, appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Wednesday to share his insight on political forecasting and the upcoming election.

A former online poker grinder, he also touched on his online poker habit pre-Black Friday and how shitcanning Frist was the reason he started the blog in the first place.

Who, really, can blame him?

Catch the extended interview with Silver on Comedy Central here.

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