Daily 3-Bet: Liv at Oxford, Poker's Grocery Boy, 2hrs of Jungleman

Liv Boeree

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a glass of water, a hands-free mic and a pin-drop quiet auditorium hanging on your every afternoon poker news word.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Liv Boeree in elite company, Joe McKeehen's previous life in a grocery store and Dan "Jungleman" Cates live from a Romanian bathhouse.

1) Liv Among Giants

Former British Prime Ministers. US Secretary of State. Ginger Spice.

That's not the beginning to a hackey joke, although we wish it were tbh. That's just the kind of company the unsinkable Liv Boeree now travels in as both an amazing ambassador for poker and a voice for the cause of Effective Altruism.

Liv has taken to the podium before to share the fine and impressive work done by the poker-centric REG charity but she's clearly moved into some haughty circles with her talk at Oxford University today:

Can't think of anyone in poker better suited to carry poker's torch these days. GL to Liv.

2) Joe McKeehen = Poker's Kurt Warner?

If you watched NFL football at all in the previous decade you no doubt heard - possibly a million times - about former Arizona QB Kurt Warner's job as a grocery store bag boy before his football success.

Joe McKeehen Winenr2
From bags to riches.

Warner, of course, was famously bagging groceries in Iowa after getting cut by the Green Bay Packers before he made the leap to NFL MVP and Super Bowl champion via the Arena Football League.

If the nickname is to be believed, 2015 WSOP Main Event champion Joe McKeehen may have taken a similar journey.

A poster on 2+2 dug up an old thread on a small poker forum, surferspoker, started by a gent with the same Twitter handle - dude904 - as the champ. In 2009, dude904 put up a poll asking for help deciding if he should quit his job at a grocery store and pursue poker as a source of income. Said dude904:

"I make minimum wage at a supermarket. Should I quit my job and play poker for income? Keep in mind school comes back within a month and I will not have much time to play poker."

"... btw i didnt mean quit a job forever; i mean its a part-time job. I'm still going through school and I will hopefully find a solid office job and play poker as a hobby, and maybe if I can pull off a ridiculous score, I could play poker for a living."

Seems as though his decision, which we assume was quit, worked out pretty well. The final poll results, btw? 12 votes for keeping his job, 9 for quitting.

3) All the Jungle You Can Handle

Want to listen to Dan "Jungleman12" Cates talk openly about life and poker for over 2 hours from what looks like a Romanian bathhouse (note: actually a Romanian kitchen)?

Thanks to Joey Ingram and the Poker Life Podcast, today's your day:

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