Daily 3-Bet: Life After Poker, House of Negreanu, Poker Meets Uber

Matt Hawrilenko
Hoss_TBF: Once a boss, always a boss.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a community college night class, a small juice-free loan and the tiny flicker of a big afternoon poker news idea.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Terrence Chan and former Limit Hold'em kingpin Matt "Hoss_TBF" Hawriilenko talking life after poker, Daniel Negreanu gives us a tour of his Las Vegas home and a former poker pro gets busy creating the new Delivery-Uber.

1) What Comes Next After Poker?

Terrence Chan
What comes next for Terrence Chan? We hope more podcasts.

Remember the time Matt "Hoss_TBF" Hawrilenko - one of the best Limit Hold'em players ever - completely owned Phil Hellmuth in an online session both on the felt and in the chatbox?

That was good times. And good times for Hawrilenko as a poker player. He was in the prime of his career and making a pretty absurd hourly rate lording over his overmatched foes.

He also found time in there to win a World Series of Poker bracelet, which is something, you know, you can tell your kids about.

Where is Matt Hawrilenko now and what is he doing? That's a fascinating question and one we're not going to answer.

Terrence Chan will, though, as Hawrilenko is the first guest on what we hope becomes a recurring podcast Chan has dubbed "Life After Poker."

A big podcast fan - and also a great Limit Hold'em player in his own right - Chan recently retired from poker himself and as part of his exploration of "what comes next" he plans to sit down with some of his friends and colleagues who have made the leap.

As we've learned following him around with cameras for a few days, anything Chan does is whole-hearted and Ep. 1, which you can listen to here, is well worth your time.

2) "Austin Powers Meets Pee Wee Herman"

Watch the video; story checks out.

3) Quit Poker, Do Nothing for 4 Years, Start Up Delivery Uber

Not sure what you might do after poker? Neither did Chow Shing Yuk, really.

Chow Shing Yuk (Photo: e27)

A former Macau-based pro poker player who made $4m US over eight years as a pro, Shing up and quit in September 2010.

His reasoning, he tells e27.com?

“I got tired at the end of the day. You want something that’s not only adding zeroes to your bank account, right? You want to add something to society."

What did he do next? Nothing. For about four years.

But then ... then Shing decided to start up EasyVan, a delivery-matching service comparable to Uber "that connects people who want to deliver physical goods with drivers who can do the job via a smartphone app."

Which ... why didn't we think of that? Since starting up in Dec. 2013 EasyVan now serves more than 8,000 drivers in Hong Kong, 1,500 drivers in Singapore and has a staff of 25 or so. It's also raised about $6.5m from investors.

So, yeah. Easy peasy. More on Shing here.

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