Daily 3-Bet: Legend of Isildur, Tao of Laak, Online Poker = Checkers

Olivier Busquet
Olivier Busquet: Checkers champion.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a quadruple jump to the king row, a couple of threatening crowns and another easy afternoon poker news resignation.

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Today in the 3-Bet we reflect on the greatest sessions online poker's ever seen, learn the philosophy of poker from Phil Laak and revel in the self-mockery of EPT Barcelona Super High Roller champ Olivier Busquet.

1) The Legend of Isildur1

We're still trying to wrap our heads around what comes next for the newly sponsorless Gus Hansen and Viktor Blom but in the meantime we consoled ourselves by rewatching this brilliant segment from the BET RAISE FOLD documentary released last year.

Maybe it'll help you too. Those were amazing times. Long live Isildur1. We patiently await your return.

2) Shark Cage Polarizing; Phil Laak Always Delights

The initial reviews on PokerStars' new Shark Cage TV show are mixed, apparently, but after watching the full first episode we're definitely in the "this is fun" camp.

Lots of stuff to like here including the shot clock, the river action button, the $1m FREEROLL (duh) and, of course, the always pleasing presence of Phil Laak.

We've seen it a million times but still ... can't get enough of it. Via tablemate/protege Jason Alexander, we also learn Phil's secret Tao of Poker:

"Play the winners, fold the losers, don't get sucked out on the river." Makes sense. Watch the full first episode below:

3) Olivier Busquet Trolls Everybody

Olivier Busquet is a smart and funny guy.

In case you don't remember Busquet created a mini Twitter firestorm last year when he tweeted out the following:

"Online poker is chess, live poker is checkers..."

Needless to say it raised the hackles of some live pros, notably Daniel Negreanu, and some heated (if playful) banter among some of the game's top pros ensued.

Cut to a year later. Busquet has struggled a bit online but strung together two big live tournament wins - the €50k Super High Roller at EPT Barcelona for $1.1m and the £2k UKIPT High Roller for $172k. Cue the hilarity:

Well played, sir. Well played. Not everyone got it, of course, which we take for granted as literally the best part of tweeting at all.

If you enjoy thought-provoking ponderings about politics and poker from time to time, though, Busquet's Twitter is a good follow.

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