Daily 3-Bet: Lederer Snap, Griffin Howl, Poker = Billions

Ashton Griffin
Griffin: 140-character king.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is the three-prong, fake-mustache novelty straw that stirs the afternoon poker news mai tai.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Howard Lederer snapped playing in Bobby’s Room again, Ashton Griffin bringing the Twitter goods and billionaires that owe their start in business entirely to poker.

1) Lederer Snapped Playing Big Game Again

We posted about Howard Lederer’s contentious return to poker earlier this week (with a hug, no less), and, despite phoned-in death threats and plenty of Internet outrage, he doesn’t seemed deterred.

Return of Lederer. (Photo: Mike Thorpe)

Lederer was back playing the Big Game in Bobby’s Room again yesterday and a high-quality pic of him at the table was posted by Mike "@realcrazymike" Thorpe to prove it.

According to several sources security has been stationed just by the door to Bobby’s Room at all times but no incidents have been reported.

The threats don't seem to have phased Lederer or any of his tablemates which have included Doyle Brunson, Nick Schulman, Eli Elezra, Huck Seed and David Oppenheim.

Life goes on even after you blow up a billion-dollar cash cow and screw over a small city of poker players, apparently.

Check the forum fury over it here along with several entertaining photoshops of said photo - if, of course, you find that kind of thing funny.

2) Ashton Griffin: Pound-for-Pound, Poker's Best Tweeter?

Some love the gentle comedy stylings of Erik Seidel or the half-cocked bragadoccio of Matt "adzizzy" Marafioti. Some are more into gimmick accounts like @2p2TrollCat or @FakeGusHansen.

For our money, though, the most well rounded and entertaining Twitter account in poker belongs to Ashton Griffin.

Tweeting @arfarfhowl, Griffin is caustic, sharp, funny and/or mean, in perfect balance - with just enough poker mixed in to make it count. Eg:

Follow him; you'll like it.

3) Play Poker, Win, Start Business, Get Rich, Become President

Writer Aaron Brown put a book out a few years ago called The Poker Face of Wall Street.

Poker table is in background, to right. (Photo: McBride Collection)

In it he describes poker as a critical tool for "learning how to evaluate and embrace financial risk" and credits gambling in general for, well, inspiring much of the American economy.

We always knew it; we were just too lazy to do all that research.

An excerpt that resurfaced again today on Business Insider reminds us just how many great businesses were built on poker winnings:

"Several billionaires got their first stakes in poker games. Kirk Kerkorian funded his first business, the charter airline Los Angeles Air Service, with poker winnings.

"H.L. Hunt bet everything he had in a poker game and won his first oil well. Bill Gates, John Kluge, Texas oil mogul Clint Murchison, and corporate raider Carl Icahn all played poker for large stakes before they got rich.

"It’s not just billionaires: Richard Nixon paid for his first congressional campaign with poker winnings and parlayed that into the presidency, where he continued to make risky bets but with less success.

"History is filled with people who began their routes to success with gambling winnings."

Read our review of the book here; buy it here.

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