Daily 3-Bet: Lederer Preaches, Electra Teaches, 2+2 = Hacked

Howard Lederer
Howard Lederer

The PokerListings 3-Bet is a righteous hack of the three terabit–encrypted mid-afternoon poker news world.

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Today we’re looking at Carmen Electra bringing some excitement to the free-to-play poker world, the unfortunate hack of 2+2 poker forum and a stunning Howard Lederer video that you have to see to believe.

carmen electra
Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra Lights up Pokerist

Actress/glamour model Carmen Electra has signed on to be the face of popular free-to-play Texas Hold’em game Pokerist.

Electra will greet players in the loading screen, main menu and act as a teacher in the game’s tutorial mode.

A long-time fan of poker, Electra opened the first WPT-branded poker room at Foxwoods in 2006 and has hosted various charity tournaments at venues such as Hollywood’s Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

Pokerist is actually the second-biggest free-to-play poker game in the world, with nearly 100,000 daily active users, second only to Zynga’s Texas Hold’em app.

The game is available online on numerous platforms including Windows/OSX as well as on mobile operating systems like iOS and Android. It’s also available directly in Facebook.

It’s not exactly uncommon for sexy celebrities to get their own online poker room. In 2006 Pamela Anderson was the face of the short-lived Pamelapoker.com on the Doyle’s Room network.

Two Plus Two

TwoPlusTwo Poker Forum Goes Down

If you’re a TwoPlusTwo forum member and you’re reading this article there’s a good chance it’s because you have nothing else to do.

That’s because TwoPlusTwo, the world’s biggest online poker forum, was temporarily shut down earlier today due to an alleged hack.

According to the brief message on the site the forums were closed as the result of a hacker who displayed the ability to access email addresses and encrypted passwords on the message board.

The message suggested that any users who use their 2+2 password for other sites to immediately change it.

For security purposes the forum will remain closed until they figure out how to patch the breach.

A more pressing concern is where we’re going to get funny Photoshops of professional poker players as farmyard animals.

It’s troubling, to say the least.

Howard Lederer Champions Honesty and Integrity in Video

Well this is awkward.

So-called knowledge forum Big Think has posted a video on business ethics by Howard Lederer.

Yes the same Howard Lederer that was involved with the much-maligned Full Tilt Poker that has failed to pay back its players for over a year now.

It’s hard to believe this isn’t a level but we’re thinking it was filmed over a year ago.

Incredibly Lederer starts the article by saying that in the poker industry all you have is your good name and there's no way you could borrow a bunch of money and then not pay it back.

He actually said that.

Check out the complete video below:


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