Daily 3-Bet: Lederer Millions, Degen Docu, All-In Rap Battle

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We call it Friday Poker Rap Battle.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a double-time, machine-gun freestyle spit off the top of the dome in the late-night poker news rap battle.

If there's something you'd like to see in the 3-Bet just drop us a note in the comment section below.

In today's 3-Bet we show you the real estate ad for Howard Lederer's $9m Las Vegas mansion, an inside look at high-stakes degeneracy, plus pass judgment on two classic poker rap music videos.

1) Lederer Selling $9m Vegas Mansion

Former Full Tilt Poker big cheese Howard Lederer appears to be selling his custom-built Las Vegas mansion for a cool $8.99 million.

99 Hawk Ridge Dr Las Vegas NV 89135 Home For Sale and Real Estate Listing realtor.com Mozilla Firefox 1112013 112404 AM
That's right. Lederer's house has a human-size chess set.

And according to our best interpretation of Lederer's settlement with the US Department of Justice, he still owns the property.

Although the DOP named the property in the indictment, the 13,490 square-foot mansion and guest house combo only appeared in the final settlement as security for the $1.25 million penalty attached to the charge of money laundering.

The settlement stated that if the property was sold within 36 months the $1.25 million must be paid immediately.

2) John O'Shea is 'The Gambler' in New Poker Docu

Irish poker pro and gambler John O'Shea is the subject of the latest poker documentary film.

The story goes that one night in 2008 O'Shea was playing online poker and won the equivalent of a year's salary at his job as an accountant. O'Shea quit his job and now, just a few years later, he's routinely wagering hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The documentary follows O'Shea for six months as he criss-crosses the globe in search of high-stakes action.

Check out the trailer below and watch the full 52-minute version on jman.tv for £1 here.

3) Dueling All-Ins Highlight Friday Rap Battle

It's Friday which means it's time once again to pit two classic poker music videos against one another in a straight up, old-school rap battle.

Today we have two outstanding examples of the genre, both creatively titled “All-In”.

The first video is from the 2007 WSOP and it's got everything: Poker cliches, miniature rappers dancing on playing cards and Phil Hellmuth, Johnny Chan and Layne Flack lip-synching rap lyrics.

The second features legitimately talented West Coast underground rappers Grouch and Eligh. Plus it's got Lacey Jones looking pretty.

In lieu of the traditional applause-o-meter technique used to determine rap battle winners, we'll let you clap your hands via the comments section below.

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