Daily 3-Bet: Lederer Guts, Phelps Grind, Baumann 89ed

Gaelle Baumann Out in 10th
Rough ending for Gaëlle Baumann.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a rag-tag group of overlooked missives salvaged at the last minute from the afternoon poker news trash compactor.

Any suggestions for a future 3-Bet, feel free to drop a note in the comments.

Today in the 3-Bet we find a brazen Howard Lederer stunning the poker world at the Bellagio Festa al Lago $10k, Michael Phelps getting back on the poker grind and Gaëlle Baumann feeling the final indignity of WSOP rule #89.

1) If Anything, Howard Lederer Has Guts

As poker pro David Baker eloquently put it on Twitter last night:

Howard Lederer playing cash vs all the red pros he helped make rich is one thing but playing in a 10k vs the players he screwed takes nerve

— David Baker (@audavidb) October 23, 2012
Howard Lederer
Not afraid of a few tweets.

It certainly does. But that didn’t stop Lederer from buying in to the Bellagio Festa al Lago $10k last night. Twice even.

Needless to say, the gutsy (arrogant?) move caused a big stir on poker Twitter timelines, although reports of a major altercation on break or after the event have yet to surface.

Looks like at this point talks of retribution - either physical or verbal - are just that. Talk.

It's unclear if Lederer made the final 24 of the tournament but a table draw from the Bellagio is expected later today.

Noted Lederer foil Daniel Negreanu was not in attendance as he's in New York for a charity event. He did write a blog post about it though.

2) Michael Phelps On the Grind with Brad Booth, Steve Aoki

Phelps: Grind time.

If Olympic hero Michael Phelps is at all concerned about managing public perception of his "degen" poker habits, he's definitely not showing it.

The mainstream press has already sniffed out he’s living in a $1 million Baltimore condo with poker pro Jeff Gross.

Who knows what they’ll manufacture when they find out he’s hanging around with noted poker debtor and gambler Brad Booth?

Booth Instagramed a photo of himself, Phelps and DJ Steve Aoki at the poker table in Las Vegas the other night with a caption of “good times boyzzzzz”. (Note no “z’s” were added for emphasis – the z’s are all Booth’s).

Phelps looks like he was having a grand time, but given the public's general understanding of poker and the piles of chips in front of Booth and Aoki, it wouldn't be surprising to read he was supposedly playing James Bond stakes and lost all his Olympic medals.

Follow Booth on Twitter here and Phelps on Twitter here to keep tabs on things.

3) Baumann Bamboozled by Rule 89 at WSOP

If you caught the ESPN coverage of the WSOP Main Event last night you know Gaëlle Baumann finally met her end as the bubble girl and was shut out of the prestigious final nine.

To which we say again, zut. And we wish her better fortune at the Battle of Malta.

It’s brutal as it is, we're sure, but maybe even more so after the ruling Baumann suffered on Day 5 that kept Andras Koroknai - now a final-tablist - in the tournament.

Long story short, Baumann got the very short end of Rule 89 in the WSOP rulebook and Koroknai got to keep his stack. Watch the hand and ruling play out below.

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deapow 2012-10-25 06:27:18

you muck your hand you lose.....

jim 2012-10-24 23:56:09

moving all in then mucking your hand when another player still has live cards is just about the worst mistake you could possibily make at a poker table the all in should stand and baumann should be aloud to look through the discards and pick the hand she wants to run against

fred 2012-10-24 21:48:31

@Jim +1 one of the worst rulings I've ever seen. Can't even believe that's in the rule book like that.

jim 2012-10-24 21:21:34

awful ruling , players have to take responsibility for not paying close enough attention to the action at the very least he should have to put in a minimum raise

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