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Phil Galfond
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Today in the 3-Bet we find Mike "GoLeafsGoEh" Leah making his own solid case for Player of the Year, Daniel Negreanu and Jared Tendler harness the power of positive thinking in poker and Dani Stern gets intimate with REM Phil Galfond.

1) Leah Having Good Year, Too

Mike Leah
First career $1m score makes 2014 special for Mike Leah.

Some have made the case Ivey Poker pro Mike "GoLeafsGoEh" Leah than poker pinup of the moment Dan Colman.

We won't go quite that far. But the runner-up to Colman at the recent $10m Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open more than belongs in the dicussion for who's having the best year in tournament poker. Strong arguments for?

  • 2 WSOP-C Rings in 24 hours
  • 5 outright tourney wins
  • 8 final tables
  • 4 WSOP Cashes
  • $1.58m in live earnings

Arguments against? Well, there's that $21m Colman's locked down in just six months.

The case is reasonable, though. And with lots of tournament poker left in the year anything can happen. Well, anything but winning $21m. But still.

Leah says he plans to take on a few more events than normal, fly first class to Australia for WSOP APAC and take a stab at BLUFF POY, which he still has a shot at, if things go well. Good piece on his great year so far here.

2) Can You Win in Poker With Positive Thinking?

We're slightly skeptical on this one as a guarantor of poker success but we do agree on one thing - you can definitely wreck your chances of having anything good happen to you with a perpetual strain of negativity.

Two of poker's foremost advocates for/authorities on positive thinking and how it can affect your poker game sat down for a confab this week.

Daniel Negreanu
Hard to argue with positive thinking.

Thankfully for us, they recorded it. Among the enlightening ground covered by Daniel Negreanu and Jared Tendler in their "Positive Poker" podcast:

  • Lifelong learning and opening up to feedback
  • Taking full responsibility for your life and what happens to you
  • Not falling into a "victim's" mindeset (they're looking at you, Mike Matusow)
  • How setting goals is crucial to poker success

Plenty more great stuff came up as well; head here to take a listen. Check Tendler's latest advice on improving your game and moving forward in poker right here on PokerListings.

3) Hey Guys, Phil Here. How's Your Dream Going?

We can't decide which part of this whole exchange is funniest but if you've ever found yourself caught in a dream state poker-feedback loop and/or watched any Phil Galfond training videos, this will sound familiar:

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