Daily 3-Bet: Last Gasp for FTP Cash, Riess Gets Carded, Burning Liv

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In today’s 3-Bet we’ll take a look at the absolute last chance for getting your Full Tilt money back, Ryan Riess getting trading-card famous and Liv Boeree rocking out at burning man.

1) Last Shot for FTP Remissions

A Whole Lotta Cash
Get yours.

It’s been over three years since Black Friday froze thousands of players' accounts on Full Tilt Poker and today is the final day they can request those balances back.

For the last year the Garden City Group has been busy refunding players who petitioned for remission.

The group is getting ready to wrap up their Full Tilt operation so if you’ve been living under a rock then you might want to head over to www.fulltiltpokerclaims.com ASAP.

At this point both Full Tilt Red Pros and affiliates have even been added to the groups that are allowed to make claims.

Once that final claim is processed there won’t be much left of the old Full Tilt 1.0 before PokerStars took over.

It seems the days of Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson and the old gang will be finally put to bed ... at least until someone writes a tell-all book about the entire, sordid FTP history.

2) Ryan Riess Becomes Trading-Card Famous

Growing up in Michigan, Ryan Riess likely dreamed about making it on to a trading card, whether it was playing for the Detroit Lions or Pistons, but he probably never imagined he’d be immortalized for playing a card game.

Riess made it into the highly-sought after 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter set for his dramatic victory at the WSOP Main Event last year.

It’s not just a photo from the final table either as all Allen & Ginter cards are actually illustrated, giving them an old-school look. Riess slotted into the the World Champions category where champs in a variety of sports are featured. Check out the card below:

3) Burning-Hot Liv Boeree 

Want to know how to become one of the most powerful poker pros in terms of social media? Post a few more pictures like the one at the start of this article.

The dynamic Liv Boeree attended Burning Man last week (she’s writing a blog about it in the near future) and put together one hell of a costume for it.

It wasn’t just Boeree either as boyfriend Igor Kurganov joined in with an even skimpier costume. Equality!

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