Daily 3-Bet: Las Vegas Crappers, 'Homeless' Jaka, Solving Atari 2600


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Today in the 3-Bet we play "Name that Las Vegas NHL Team," a "homeless" Faraz Jaka is profiled by CNN Money and the braintrust behind the Cepheus poker bot directs their energy towards another holy grail.

1) Las Vegas Crappers?

Daniel Negreanu
Crappers? Uh, no.

The idea of an actual NHL team in Las Vegas - and Daniel Negreanu playing de facto Drake in this pro sports fantasy of ours - is still buzzing in our minds today.

After digging in a bit further we found a piece on Sportsnet.ca from December (based on an interview from Hockey Night in Canada) where potential team names were batted around with Bill Foley.

Topping Foley's list? The Las Vegas Black Knights - based primarily on the fact he went to West Point/Army. If he does get a team, though, he told Eliotte Friedman there will be a "Name the Team" contest.

Cue hilarity. Trolling around in the comments/related threads we've found dozens of hilarious suggestions from the Las Vegas Crappers to the Whales to the Coolers to the Cacti.

Current fave? Maybe the Las Vegas Rink Rats or Las Vegas Rat Pack. The rat is highly underused as a sports team nickname in our humble opinion. Let us know your faves in the comments.

2) Jaka Profiled as "Homeless Millionaire"

We love watching Faraz Jaka play poker and are always stoked to see smart, engaging poker players get their due from mainstream media.

Naturally we were excited to see CNN Money turn its cameras on Jaka to profile his nomadic lifestyle and inspiring perspective on life and money.

"Homeless," though? Technically true, sure, but still a bit insensitive to those truly affected by poverty andhomelessness. One thing to travel by choice/couch surf as you tour the world; truly another to find yourself living on the street.

Oversensitive on our part? Check the profile below, let us know your thoughts.

3) Cepheus Creators Turn to Solving Atari 2600

As we've said over the past couple days we're of two minds with this new "unbeatable" Cepheus poker bot. On the one hand, it's pretty cool to think of poker as "solvable" and what they've been able to develop is, of course, pretty amazing.

On the other Cepheus has only "solved" Heads-Up Limit Hold'em - a very distinct sub-genre of poker that only hints at the complexity of the many different variations of poker.

As we've also mentioned, though, the other possibilites the "self-teaching" decision-based algortihms Cepheus used to learn poker can be applied to other much more amazing things.

Curing cancer. "Solving" diabetes." Fighting terrorism. And conquering the Atari 2600.

Wait, what? According to fivethirtyeight.com that's actually the next challenge the Cepheus creators are taking on to really "stretch the algorithms decision-making legs" so to speak.

Solving Pitfall and Dig Dug once and for all? Be still our beating 14-year-old hearts. Demo below:

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