Daily 3-Bet: Poker vs. Pizza, Kyllönen Hack Part II, Bet Raise Fold SE

Jens Kyllonen
Jens Kyllönen

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is the perfect gust of fresh air to help power you through the mid-afternoon poker news doldrums.

We love getting suggestions for 3-Bet pieces and you can leave them in the comments section below.

In today’s 3-Bet we’re going to take a closer look at that chilling Jens Kyllönen situation in Barcelona, the Bet Raise Fold Special Edition and positive story about one man’s poker journey.

1) Student Earns $7k Playing Poker While Waiting for Pizza Job

Mmmm, pizza

One thing we’ve learned while rummaging for 3-Bet pieces is that financial journals like Forbes, Wall Street Journal and Business Insider love a good poker story.

Today Business Insider published a profile of former Dartmouth student and current poker player Andrew Seidman, who plays online as BalugaWhale, and it’s pretty good.

Seidman is a fairly interesting guy who travelled the world while climbing the stakes of online poker.

Our favorite part of the story came early in this quote:

 I applied for a summer job at a pizza parlor in my home town. In the week while I waited to hear a response, I made $7,000 playing online poker.  So I pretty much gave up the idea of normal employment at that time.

We’ve heard variations of that story so many times but it never really ceases to be compelling.

Seidman is planning on writing a book about his experiences in the poker world leading up to Black Friday and it could certainly be worth a read.

Check out the complete Business Insider story here.

2) Another Finn Comes Forward in Jens Kyllönen Incident

Aku Joentausta
Aku Joentausta

So that incredibly scary experience that Jens Kyllönen had involving his laptop being hacked at EPT Barcelona? He’s not the only one.

PokerListings reporter Tuomo Järvelä spoke to poker pro Aku Joentausta and learned that he too experienced a problem with room keys and had the same error pop up on his laptop.

Here’s our brief chat with Joentausta:

PokerListings: As I understood, you had similar problems that Lauri Pesonen and Jens Kyllönen, so your key cards did not work and your computer was giving an error?

Aku Joentausta: My roommates key card did not work for the first few days. He went to change it.

PL.com: Did the same thing happen to your computer as for Jens?

AJ: I had exactly the same error message as he had.

PL.com: Would it be possible that someone joined you guys to change the keys? For example in a party, or so?

AJ: No, no, no! These are real keys with magnet fields included for extra safety. In this scam there is hotel staff included.

PL.com: You spoke with the hotel about it?

AJ: In their opinion the hotel is 100% safe.

PL.com: It is a really sad story…

AJ: Yeah. This is just unbelievable

3) Bet Raise Fold Special Edition Released

Couldn’t get enough of recent poker doc Bet Raise Fold?

You’re in luck because the creators recently released a special edition of the film with deleted scenes, commentary and more. It's free for Kickstarter supporters.

We were at the premier in Las Vegas this summer and definitely enjoyed it. If you haven’t seen it yet, now is the perfect time.

The special edition is just $12.99 or if you already have the regular movie and want the bonus features you can add them for $3. You can get it here.

Here’s the official trailer one more time:

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