Daily 3-Bet: Kruse Loses £60k, Blumenfield B & E, Kitty Claws WPT

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The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is like a thrilling suspense film where the mid-afternoon poker news world is not what it seems.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Max Kruse accidentally dropping a large some of money in a cab, Neil Blumenfield experiencing a robbery and Kitty Kuo throwing some barbs at the World Poker Tour.

1) Max Kruse Drops £60k in Cab

Max Kruse 3

German footballer Max Kruse is officially a poker pro.

Only a pro could play poker until the wee hours of the morning and then absent-mindedly leave £60,000 in a taxi cab on the way home.

That’s what The Sun is reporting happened during the WSOPE in Berlin last October. Kruse contacted the taxi company but the money wasn’t found.

To make matters worse Kruse was apparently fined £20,000 by his team VfL Wolfsberg for gambling all night long.

It’s not exactly uncommon for poker pros to misplace money. Shaun Deeb once lost $5,000 in his laundry. Meanwhile an unnamed poker pro left $300,000 in a Las Vegas cab in 2013.

It’s that kind of blatant disregard for money that makes pros so dangerous at the table!

2) Neil Blumenfield Experiences Robbery

Neil Blumenfield Elim3

2015 WSOP November Niner Neil Blumenfield was poised to play Day 1a of WPT Rolling Thunder but never showed.

It turned out that Blumenfield’s French girlfriend Pascal, who was featured prominently in the WSOP coverage, was the target of a break-and-enter over the weekend.

Pascal’s retail store (which was also featured in ESPN) was broken into and several expensive jackets and a MacBook Pro were stolen.

The story has a happy ending, however, as the thieves actually stumbled onto some mannequins and were wounded.

Police were able to follow literal trail of blood and eventually apprehend the suspects, who were still carrying the jackets and laptop.

All that’s left to fix is the broken store front. Perhaps Blumenfield can pull out a win at WPT Rolling Thunder and invest in some plate glass.

3) Kitty Kuo Gives Greatest Poker Interview

You may have missed this one last week but Kitty Kuo dropped some serious high-roller knowledge on Matt Savage in an interview at Bay 101.

Turns out Kuo thinks the EPT is far superior to the WPT because “The men on the European Poker Tour are more handsome than on the World Poker Tour.”

Men getting objectified in poker? That’s a change. Check out the hilarious interview below:

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