Daily 3-Bet: Koon X2, No-Limit Dice, Jacobson Meets Nick Diaz

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is like a set of loaded dice in the midst of the crapshoot that is the mid-afternoon poker news world.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Jason Koon on one hell of a heater, No-Limit Hold’em dice and WSOP champ Martin Jacobson meeting MMA force Nick Diaz.

1) Red-Hot Jason Koon Wins LAPC High Roller for $436k

Jason Koon
Jason Koon

Remember how Jason Koon won the PokerStars Super Tuesday for $111k and then said he was off to L.A. to win some cash playing live poker.

He wasn’t joking.

The West Virginia native defeated J.C. Tran heads-up to win the LAPC $50,000 6-Max Turbo High Roller for $436,344 at Commerce Casino last night.

Strangely it was Koon’s first outright win a high-roller event despite over $3 million in lifetime live tournament earnings.

Here are the rest of the payouts from the event, which drew 31 entries:

  • 1. Jason Koon - $436,344
  • 2. J.C. Tran - $373,218
  • 3. Connor Drinan - $371,997
  • 4. Nam Le - $199,490
  • 5. Jack Salter - $153,450

2) No-Limit Hold’em Dice? Yes Please!

Last week we published an article about five poker-type games for playing with your friends if you only have a few minutes.

We wish we’d included this dynamite poker/dice game from TwoPlusTwo user FunboxTS:

double six dice
The best starting hand in No-Limit Hold'em dice.

Essentially you just replace cards with nine dice. When you want new hole cards just put two dice in a cup and shake. No shuffling required. Same thing with the flop, turn and river. Betting is the same as standard No-Limit Hold’em.

The hand rankings also shift slightly to: pair, two pair, straight, three of a kind, four of a kind, five of a kind.

That’s it. So remember next time you only have a set of dice that doesn’t necessarily restrict you from playing poker.

If you have any more fantastic poker/gambling/dice/uno casual games that you like to play with your friends be sure to drop them in the comments on this page.

3) Martin Jacobson Meets MMA Superstar Nick Diaz

Current world champ Martin Jacobson is a huge MMA fan and this week he got to rub elbows with one of the biggest names in the sport.

Jacobson snagged a photo with former Strikeforce Welterweight champ and current UFC fighter Nick Diaz calling it, “The best Monday night in recent memory.”

That’s fellow poker pro Mark Radoja on the right in case you were wondering.

It’s a good time to point out Jacobson has been world champ for a little over three months now and we’re still loving it.

Best Monday night in recent memory

A photo posted by Martin Jacobson (@martin.jacobson) on

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