Daily 3-Bet: Koon Cut, ElkY Exiled, Ivey Gets Broke (Nearly)

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a misplaced passport, a dimly-lit interrogation room and a one-way ticket back to afternoon poker news Elba.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Jason Koon trimming the fat (literally) before he heads to the World Series of Poker, Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier gets locked down in Paris for the near future and Phil Ivey explains how he almost lost it all in Larry Flynt's cash game.

1) Jason Koon Now Made Entirely of Steel

Think you've done some serious work to get ready for the 2014 World Series of Poker? Look at what Jason Koon has done for himself:

Sweet. Jesus. And it only took 12 weeks!

If you haven't seen the teaser for our upcoming Koon mini-documentary yet, you should because it's inspiring on several levels to say the least. We'll be filming more with Koon leading up to the climactic $1m Big One for One Drop this summer so stayed tuned.

2) ElkY Shut Out of WSOP Until Main Event by French Bureaucracy

Frustrated by the tortoise-like pace and lack of urgency in your local government? Trying being a prominent poker pro in France  - perhaps even the most famous of all of them - who had his passport stolen just prior to the most important seven weeks of the year:

Seriously, France. We know you like to dilly-dally over an espresso and a macaron and shoot the shit about romance and stuff but get some pencils moving ffs. Man's got to make a living.

3) Ivey Almost Goes Broke, Saves Poker World

We seriously love these recent Phil Ivey sitdowns with All In. As you'll see in the video itself it's not easy to get Ivey in one spot long enough to talk let alone have him let down his guard a bit and show his personality. So they're a feat on several levels.

The payoff, though, is more than worth the hassle (for us lucky viewers, anyway) as in this one he talks about throwing dice, losing everything in Hustler magnate Larry Flynt's cash game and, you know, that time he saved the entire poker world's bankroll.

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