Daily 3-Bet: KidPoker Diary, World Cup Double-Takes, Mizzi Miracle

Daniel Negreanu
Dear diary: This guy to my right is very unusual.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a strong current, a bellyful of seawater and an unbroken determination to reach the afternoon poker news shore.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Daniel Negreanu planning an inside look at his daily 2014 WSOP rituals, a full World Cup squad of football/poker lookalikes that might turn your head and Sorel Mizzi survives a four-hour-plus ocean marathon to collect on his prop bet.

1) The Daniel Negreanu Diaries

So, this could be incredibly interesting. Or it could be just an extended version of his recent blogs on Choice Center/personal growth/working out.

Either way his fans will get an in-depth look inside his ups-and-downs (and, probably, fridge contents) during the 2014 WSOP:

2) Wayne Rooney = Jason Koon?

Crossover fans of soccer and poker will likely find a few amusing pairings in this poker pro/footballer doppelgänger mashup by PokerListings Denmark's Thomas Hviid.

Not a soccer fan? You'll still marvel at the shockingly comparable head shapes of Nacho Berbero and Gerard Pique. Note to US Soccer fans: A Landon Donovan-Kerr Smith splitscreen was dropped at the last minute for being just a step behind.

rooney koon2

3) Mizzi Makes It! But Barely

The week wouldn't be complete if we didn't update you on poker pro Sorel Mizzi's death-defying 5 km swim to an island off the coast of Rio de Janeiro.

Honestly, following Mizzi's live feed on his Twitter account today (done by someone on his support boat obv.) was utterly nerve-wracking and possibly the most exciting thing we've done all week.

Granted, we didn't have the most exciting week. But still. That was a really, really good sweat. And major respect to both Mizzi (for making it) and his Tweeting pal for capturing the full four-hour-plus ordeal in scintillating fashion.

Given the fortitude it must have taken to keep going in that water we've also got a major hankering to find some room for Mizzi on our WSOP Fantasy team now. We wouldn't put it past him to win a couple of bracelets this summer at all. Revisit his harrowing journey via the tweets below:

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