Daily 3-Bet: Khait Crashes, A.I. Targets Poker, Somerville Q&A

Anna Khait eliminated survivor
Tough break for Anna Khait.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet will lead the resistance against the eventual mid-afternoon poker news bot uprising.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at some bad luck for Anna Khait on Survivor, an A.I. potentially on a collision course with poker and some free tips from Jason Somerville.

1) Khait Eliminated from Survivor

In Survivor there are coinflips just like poker.

Anna Khait on Survivor
Gone too soon!

Anna Khait found herself on the wrong side of one such flip in last night’s episode.

The three tribes that started the game were consolidated into two. Khait was separated from her alliance and, despite some last-minute scrambling, was eliminated from the game.

It the end it came down to Khait and her former Beauty teammate Tai Trang and the tribe decided to vote off Khait.

Although no one actually knew Khait is a poker pro in real life, she did seem like a serious threat from an intellectual point of view and the rest of the tribe felt she was simply too dangerously to have around.

It’s a shame because if Khait had made it to the merge with her very strong alliance from the Beauty tribe she had a legit shot at going deep in the game.

Jean-Robert Bellande’s eighth place finish in Survivor: China remains the best result ever for a poker pro on the reality show.

2) A.I. Stomps Humans in Go, Poker Next?

Doug Polk
Doug Polk is waiting for you AlphaGo.

Earlier this week Google’s artificial neural network defeated professional Go player Lee Sedol handily in a 4-1 match.

Go is actually one of the most strategic games in the world and many experts felt that A.I. was years away from beating it.

Inverse published an article this week that says poker or Magic: The Gathering might be next.

Checkers, chess and now Go have all been solved by A.I.’s because they are perfect-information games with no element of chance.

Not so with poker and M:TG, which include a significant amount of chance and of course bluffing.

Poker may have some time, however.

Remember last summer when Doug Polk, Dong Kim, Bjorn Li and Jason Les successfully defeated A.I. Claudico?

Take that robots!

3) Somerville Releases Lengthy Q&A from Aussie Millions

Can’t get enough Jason Somerville?

The vaunted streamer just released 52-minute video Q&A he hosted during the 2016 Aussie Millions.

There’s some great stuff in here including info about live tells, satellite strategy, building a bankroll and more.


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