Daily 3-Bet: Katchalov Mole, Drew Carey Degen, How to Take Notes

Eugene Katchalov
Mole or not Mole?

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a secret riddle, a night maze and picture-perfect dossier notes that expose the afternoon poker news mole.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Eugene Katchalov revealing why he had to skip most of the WSOP this summer, Drew Carey shows up to degen a few hands of poker at Sam Simon's house and Jonathan Little pinpoints the perfect way to take notes at the poker table.

1) Katchalov: Ukraine's Mole?

We'll cut right to the news on this one with some amazing facts below the video.

That mysterious reason PokerStars pro Eugene Katchalov couldn't play much of the World Series of Poker this summer?

He was shooting the Ukrainian version of the TV show The Mole. Check the preview below where he appears with some quintessential-looking Ukrainians:

Not sure what The Mole is? Neither were we entirely until we checked Wikipedia, where we turned up some amazing facts:

  • The Mole is a Reality TV show that began in Belgium in 1999 and is now licensed to 40 countries
  • Players complete challenges together to build up the prize for the winner. One is a double agent, though, who tries to sabotage the team without being detected.
  • Anderson Cooper (!) was the host of the first American version filmed in 2001
  • Dennis Rodman and Kathy Griffin have won "Celebirty" versions of The Mole
  • The Netherlands version has run for 14 seasons and the Australian for six
  • The Italian version, as you might expect, is way different.

Astounding! Here's hoping Eugene is either the Mole or wins some of those sweet, sweet Ukrainian hryvnia!

2) Drew Carey: Gambling Everyman

Love Drew Carey. And Jennifer Tilly. And Sam Simon. And Phil Laak. Jeff Madsen? He's OK.

That's our kind of home game, though. And now that we think about it, Drew Carey might in fact be the best dude ever to have at your home game.

Dirty jokes. Crazy old Vegas stories. Best laugh ever. And no qualms about playing Q5 suited, apparently.

3) How to Take Notes at the Poker Table

If you're not playing in a poker game as entertaining as the one above, you might as well take a few notes to work on your game.

Having detailed notes at hand to review your sessions and find your leaks is critical to progressing as a poker player.

It's a million times better than relying on our questionable memories, but it's harder to do than you might think. And requires some specific equipment to do it optimally.

No one's better qualified to show you how to do it than former WPT Player of the Year and poker author Jonathan Little, one of the best and most thoughtful poker coaches in the world. Here are his tips in handy video form below; more great info/advice on his website here.

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