Daily 3-Bet: Jungle Flub, Monkey Gamble, Moorman Rolls On

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Oh, Jungleman.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a business trip to Asia, a red-eye flight home and just the right souvenir to bring back to your afternoon poker news family.

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Today in the 3-Bet we see why Dan "Jungleman12" Cates sticks to intense, nosebleed heads-up poker games, why you should never accept a monkey as a payout in a poker game and why Chris Moorman continues to be one of poker's most underrated stars.

1) Jungleman Does Not Know Way to San Jose

He's easily one of the top five heads-up No-Limit Hold'em players to ever play the game. Possibly even the very best in the world.

He's not much of a travel agent, though, as Justin "BoostedJ" Smith gleefully shared with the world on Friday:

2) Do Not Accept Squirrel Monkey in Poker Game

In case you were wondering:

1) This is very similar to, but not exaclty the same, as the opening scene of Gremlins (we thought it was but it turns out he just bought it in a curio shop).

2) If anyone ever offers, and you're tempted, don't accept a squirrel monkey in a poker game. We commend you for finding yourself in an obviously amazing poker game, but still. Don't take the monkey. From the Globe and Mail:

Not a good cash substitute.

"When my granddaughter is a bit older, I will tell her about the squirrel monkey my dad won in a poker game and brought home to his awestruck family.

The four of us kids crowded around the cage to gaze in fascination at his tiny hands and his ugly little face permanently creased in a sorrowful expression, like a sad clown. For reasons that are unclear to me even now, we christened him Toivo.

"... He was not, it turned out, very curious. In fact, Toivo was a terrible pet. Mean, spiteful and vindictive, he would fly at my younger brother in a rage and bite his face whenever he got the chance."

3) Chris Moorman Still Really, Really Good at Poker

If you read Lee Davy's feature piece yesterday you know how he feels about British poker pro Chris Moorman currently being without a sponsor. If he needed any more evidence, though, there's plenty at hand today.

For one, Moorman's WPT LA Poker Classic final table, where he rolled to his first major live title last fall, debuts on FSN tonight. For two, Moorman just went ahead and added a 21st online Triple Crown to his resume over the weekend. Well played yet again, sir.

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