Daily 3-Bet: Juanda Hitches, Mercier Riches, Fight the Power

Crown Casino's high-roller jet.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a whirlwind tour through the underbelly of lesser-known poker news stories circling the web.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find John Juanda hitching a ride to the Aussie Millions, Jason Mercier pocketing another half-mil and an outsider’s look at the success of social media in the fight for poker regulation in the US.

1) Juanda Gets Free Upgrade to Private Jet Class

John Juanda
Friends in high places.

We've said it before: the best way to get through life is to make friends in high places.

Former Full Tilt pro John Juanda, a veritable regular in the high-stakes games at the Aussie Millions for years, has been surprisingly absent this year but it has nothing to do with the ongoing FTP saga.

The problem? This year's schedule ran right on top of Chinese New Year, keeping Juanda – and 8 wealthy Chinese businessmen, he adds - out of the $100k Challenge.

As explained via his Twitter:

“Really miss Melbourne& Aussie Million; but impossible to go bcos its same time as Chinese NY. Hope they do better job w/scheduling next year.”

Despite the scheduling conflict, Juanda and at least one of said businessman are on their way now.

They'll be arriving in style on the Crown Casino corporate jet (see pic above) no less – a substantial upgrade for Juanda from his previous flight on Continental.

“Crown sent this to pick up my Super HR friend&he let me tag along. I hope its better than my last continental flight!:)”

Look for Juanda and the unnamed super high roller in our coverage of the $250k event at the Aussie Millions this weekend.

2) Mercier Dismantles Elite Cash Game at Aussie Millions

It’s been awhile since Jason Mercier binked a huge tourney score (*awhile meaning 6-8 weeks on the Mercier scale) so he’s been forced to take to the high-stakes cash games to keep the #whenwillitend machine going.

Despite an insane line-up including Tom Dwan, Patrik Antonius, Daniel Negreanu, Dan Cates and Sam Trickett, it’s worked out pretty well for him - to the tune of roughly half a million dollars in the last two days.

Just another day at the office for Mercier, apparently, as he ho hummed on Twitter:

Jason Mercier Tom Dwan
Making Dilbert jokes with durrrr.

“Kinda nice to win 500k in 2 days ... Gamble on the 250k 2moro :)”

Mercier's office reminds us very much of our office, except we don't play $500/$1k NLH/PLO much any more and Trickett, Negreanu, Antonius and durrrr don't drop by ever, despite our e-vites.

Also coming out big winners from the cash game were Trickett (roughly $220k) and Negreanu ($150k).

Most of the game was filmed for TV and will air shortly, but check Poker Asis Pacific for a recap of some big hands.

Follow Mercier on Twitter here.

3) PC World Gives PPA Thumbs Up for Social Media Efforts

John Pappas
PPA Director John Pappas.

Truth be told, it may be giving the Poker Players Alliance a bit too much credit.

But noted computer magazine PC World has given the PPA and its ongoing drive to regulate online poker in the US a big thumbs up in a recent list of social media campaigns is says have combined activism and social media to spur change in the world.

Ranking it as “effective” and connecting the campaign to the recent DOJ ruling that online poker falls outside the Wire Act, PC World puts it alongside such heavyweight social media campaigns as the Anonymous hacks, the Occupy Movement, revolutions in Russia and Egypt and Dan Savage’s It Gets Better campaign.

High company, for sure.

While it may be a stretch to say the PPA was the driving force behind the DOJ decision, there's still no doubt the work of the PPA since 2006 has certainly put the issue in the scope of millions of people who might not care otherwise.

Getting in the discussion is a win in itself. See the full list here.

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