Daily 3-Bet: JRB Survivor Snub, Poker Room Brawl, Vanessa Belst!

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Jean-Robert Bellande left off the cast vote for Survivor 32, a brawl breaks out in a New Orleans poker room and Vanessa Selbst (aka Vanessa Belst) does poker proud on The Steve Harvey Show.

1) Jim Rice In, JRB + Adelstein Out

Very good chance Jim Rice will make the cut.

If you're big Survivor fans like us you know the new twist for the Survivor 32 cast.

Dubbed Survivor "Second Chance" a list of 32 past players - 16 male, 16 female - who have never won were deemed worthy of another shot.

Now it's up to the fans to vote in exactly who they want to see. The Top 10 votegetters for both the men and women will make it and be jetted off to play, literally, from the Survivor 31 reunion show.

Not on that list of 32? One Jean-Robert Bellande, the 8th-place finisher from Survivor: China. Also not on that list? Garrett Adelstein, the second person voted off Survivor: Cagayan.

On the list? One Jim Rice, former poker player now marijuana dispensary owner.

One out of three ain't bad for poker (if he makes the final cut), but it's hard not to pine for another go-round on the JRB Survivor train. He must have just turned casting down, right?

You can vote for Jim here. He's pledged to donate $250,000 to charity if he wins, which is cool. #votejim.

2) Red Beard Beats Down Goon

Screen shot 2015 05 13 at 12.30.00 PM
Red beard v. goon now infamous.

This video has been passed around for a few days now and while normally we're not ones to fixate on the negative in poker there are a couple of reasons it's worth posting now.

Long story short: Guy in red shirt had reportedly won a $40k pot off another player the night before. The losing player supposedly hired beefy dude to harass/intimidate red-shirt guy in a tournament the next day.

Things got out of hand, a fight ensued and the goon got his ass handed to him. Not the kind of poker news to celebrate, sure, but still there are a few things that make it notable:

1) The red shirted guy is a poker regular named Jonathan Bloyen, who by all intents seems to be a good dude. He just defended himself and, thankfully, came out unscathed.

2) Watch for the guy in seat #2 near the end of the video. It's WSOP Main Event notable Ryan Lenaghan, who didn't even budge from his chips like a total boss.

3) It's now in the official poker lexicon as "Red Beard vs. Goon," which is pretty amazing.

4) It was featured on WorldStarHipHop.com, which is like the PerezHilton of these kinds of things.

Video via Trevor Winstead's FB page here.

3) Ladies and Gentleman, Vanessa Belst!

Remember that Vanessa Selbst appearance on the Steve Harvey Show we mentioned on Monday? Well, it aired and pretty much confirmed what we expected:

1) Vanessa Selbst is so good at these things! She was charming, humble and "dumbed things down" for a non-poker crowd without being patronizing. Even better she made poker seem fun, which was no small feat given the setting. Another awesome effort.

2) Before we played poker it was a virtual mystery, too, but it's always a great reminder to see just how little the average person understands about the game. We assume Steve Harvey has played a few home games before but clearly he had zero understanding of position, bet-sizing, hand value, etc. He also may not even know which card is the river.

3) We're pretty sure he called her Vanessa Belst at the end there, which sums up a lot about how these mainstream appearances go. Still Selbst was cool, laughed it off and couldn't have come off as a better rep for poker.

Watch the full clip below:

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