Daily 3-Bet: JRB Recovery, Serock Cash Bag, Buy FTP Store for $90k

Jean-Robert Bellande
Jean-Robert Bellande: Gets back on the horse.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a crisp pair of jodhpurs, a new Kimblewick and a gentle push back up into the afternoon poker news saddle.

Got a tip for a future 3-Bet? Drop a note in the comments and we'll gladly take a look.

Today in the 3-Bet we find Jean-Robert Bellande soldiering on after a trying summer at the World Series of Poker, Joe Serock absent-mindedly stashing a bag of cash in Jeff Madsen's garage and the entire Full Tilt Poker merchandise inventory up for auction.

1) JRB Rides Again

He didn't win the $1m Big One for One Drop. He went to jail for 16 hours. His Bentley was impounded. Also, this happened.

Things didn't work out exactly as he hoped this summer but, like a phoenix from the ashes, Jean-Robert Bellande has risen again like we knew he would.

It's a tough life for poker's Charlie Brown, but still one that involves horseback riding on the beach in Mexico:

2) Serock Leaves Bag of Cash, $30k in Chips In Garage

Taking a page from the Shaun Deeb School of Money Mangement, poker pro Joe Serock apparently forgot about a bag of Euros and $30k in casino chips in Jeff Madsen's garage for, oh, a year-and-a-half or so.

3) Interested in a Full Tilt Poker Robe and 7,000 Mouse Pads?

Get it while it's fluffy.

Couple of options for you, then.

Head over to the Jay Sugarman Auction Corporation (a real thing, not a Seinfeld bit) site next Saturday, Aug. 2 at 11 am.

There you can get in on the bidding for the entire contents of the old Full Tilt Poker store. All of it.

All told $3.5m in FTP merchandise is up for auction ranging from the plush velour robe (see left) to a StormTech parka (?).

If you can't wait that long, head right to eBay and make a bid on it now.

Bidding starts at $89,999 USD and runs four days.

No promises it'll stay at that bargain price, though, so be prepared to get feisty.

If you win, shipping's on you though.


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