Daily 3-Bet: Jaka Gives, Phelps Rails, 1Year$1Million

Michael Phelps: The ultimate poker pal.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is like a professional best friend in a sea of afternoon poker news fly-by-nights and hangers-on.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Faraz Jaka stepping up for #GivingTuesday, Michael Phelps flying in to rail his good pal Jeff Gross at the WPT Montreal final table and five British grinders trying to squeeze out $1 million in profit in HUSNGs next year.

1) Jaka Joins Gates, Buffet in #GivingTuesday

Poker players are consistently underappreciated for their commitment to charity.

Faraz Jaka
Shock of hair, heart of gold.

From Phil Hellmuth to Jennifer Harman to Daniel Negreanu to David Sands, the biggest names in the game consistently put their money where their mouth is in support of a litany of causes.

Chicago-based poker pro/entrepreneur Faraz Jaka is yet another pro who's always willing to put his money towards a greater good.

Jaka announced over Twitter this week he's made a new pledge in support of #GivingTuesday – a growing movement trying to counterbalance the excess consumption of Black Friday and CyberMonday in the US.

Jaka has pledged 1% of his tournament earnings for the rest of the year to volunteer-driven organization Givology, with a $500 minimum if he doesn't cash:

Read more about Jaka's philanthropy in a feature on the Huffington Post here and find more on #GivingTuesday on Bill Gates’ website.

2) Phelps Flies Up to Montreal to Support PBF Jeff Gross

Jeff Gross
Friends in high places.

It’s hard to think of a better endorsement for poker as a challenging and honorable game than the fact Michael Phelps – perhaps the greatest Olympian of all-time – chooses to spend his free time obsessing over it.

We’ll say that one more time for emphasis – the greatest Olympian of all time is a huge poker fan. Which is pretty cool. On top of it all, Phelps also seems to be a really good guy.

One of his best pals, Jeff Gross, was at the final table of WPT Montreal last night vying for his first WTP title and a $779k first-pace prize. Phelps, who we can only assume is still a pretty busy guy, hopped on a flight immediately to come support him.

Hanging on the rail with Antonio Esfandiari, poker’s all-time money winner, it’s pretty safe to say Gross had one of the most esteemed poker rails of all time.

Unfortunately for Gross, the cards were oblivious to his rail’s pedigree and he busted out third for $317k. WPT reporter Jeanine Deeb caught up with Phelps for a brief interview, though:

3) Five Grinders Tackle $1 Million HUSNG Quest

We love to follow a good bankroll-building challenge and we came across a new one that piqued our interest yesterday.

Dubbed "whynotgrind," here's the proposition according to the participants:

"We are five professional poker players from London who all specialise in Heads up sit and goes (HUSNGS)...

"To try and keep ourselves focused, and to also hopefully provide inspiration for some of you guys, we’re going to chart our progress, with the aim of trying to make $1 million dollars between the five of us in 2013."

Check out the intro video from participant Rocmar87 below and find out more specifics over at whynotgrind.com.

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