Daily 3-Bet: Ivey on O8, Shaniac Crack Blowback, Darvin Moon v. Maryland

Phil Ivey
Even Ivey's online stare is intimidating.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a flannel shirt, a freshly oiled Husqvarna and a sawdust-spitting tear through the afternoon poker news boreal forest.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Phil Ivey sharing some essential Omaha 8 secrets, Shane Schleger addresses his crack-smoking admission blowback and Maryland Live! prepares to welcome Darvin Moon, Gavin Smith and the Poker Night in America crew.

1) Ivey Shares O8 Secrets, Stares Online Too

So Phil Ivey released a new video today with some inside tips on playing Omaha 8.

It's certainly awesome, and incredible to have access to the decision-making process of one of the game's legends - even if it's in a game we barely understand.

Four other awe-inpiring takeaways from this brief clip (you need to sign up to Ivey League to watch the full video):

  • Who knew Phil Ivey played on 888?
  • Who knew Phil Ivey would pick a wizard avatar?
  • Who knew Phil Ivey stares at an online poker screen like a live table?
  • Even he misreads a hand now and then

In retrospect those last two should have been obvious, but still. Check the clip below:


2) Shaniac: Crack is Supposedly Shocking, But It's Really Not

Shane Schleger
Shocking, but not shocking.

We mentioned former poker pro Shane Schelger's revelatory Slate article this week on his 15-year relationship with crack and, unsurprisingly, it caused a bit of a firestorm.

As he says in the next episode of the Dope Stories podcast up today he doesn't regret doing it but the immediate blowback in the comments of the article (over 1k and counting) do prove his point:

It's very difficult to have an open, honest, pragmatic conversation about drug use in America without it devolving into a polarized debate over whether any drug use is addiction or whether discussing it all is a celebration/glorification of drugs.

Among the details Schleger discusses:

  • He's never played poker on crack, online or live
  • He plays poker as a hobby now so isn't overly concerned about career affect
  • Gambling, sex, exercise and food have same chemical effect on your brain (as each other, not drugs)

He says it better than we do of course; it's worth a listen here (first 10 minutes are about the Slate article)

3) Want a Shot at Darvin Moon? Step Up, Maryland

Darvin Moon
Come at him, Terps.

The Poker Night in America crew announced its next filming destination recently and the lucky winner is the booming Maryland Live! poker room.

Action/filming will cover the $1m Maryland Live! Poker Classic main event final table plus an exclusive made-for-tv cash game.

Sticking with its agenda to bring some personality/intrigue back to televised poker, PNIA has invited a lineup that currently includes:

  • Gavin Smith
  • Greg Merson
  • Darvin Moon
  • Matt Glantz
  • Christian Harder
  • Danielle Andersen

They've also put out a casting call for local personaltiies who have the chops/bankroll (buy-in $5k-$20k) to get in the mix.

If you were among the many haters who felt Moon didn't deserve his runner-up finish in the 2009 WSOP Main Event, here's your shot to prove it.

Email castingcall (at) pokernight.com for more info. Footage from all the Poker Night in America events so far should appear on TV starting in April. Updates from Poker Night here.

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