Daily 3-Bet: Ivey Jacked, Book of Moorman, Can't Knock the Hustle

Phil Ivey
Ivey: Cross-booked with a Gun Show

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a 10-foot-table, a wild six and and a tantalizing game of Scotch with three games on the afternoon poker news wire.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Phil Ivey clearly seeing the benefits of some gym time, Chris Moorman cutting you a deal on his book of poker secrets and an amazing feature on pool hustlers reminds us how good we really have it in poker.

1) Ivey Hitting Gym, Crushing Poker

Is it just us, or has Phil Ivey really bulked up over the last year?

Whatever he's doing, in the gym or otherwise, it's working if he keeps making scores like his $4m AUD haul at the $250k Aussie Million Challenge last week.


2) Pre-Order Moorman's Book of Poker

moormanbook of poker

Want to save yourself $10 on the new strategy book from the most succesful online poker tournament player in history?

Pre-order it here right now; you'll thank us later.

3) Things Could Be Worse - You Could Play Pool


With all the recent talk of poker "dying" and the perpetual arguments over the fairness of rebuys or how to bring new players in the game, we can at least be thankful for one thing - we're not trying to scrape out a living playing pool.

Go back about 20 years and we'd guess the crossover among the players/games/atmosphere/career trajectories in poker and pool were reasonably close. Today we're making $10m online in our pajamas, smashing entry records in $250,000 rebuys and guaranteeing $10m first-place prizes handed out after weeks of ESPN coverage.

Pool players, as a great piece on Grantland.com today explains ... they're still hustling for a living. And being hurt by an old image. An excerpt:

"More than 50 million Americans play pool on a regular basis, according to L. Jon Wertheim’s Running the Table. Yet this is maybe the worst shape the sport has ever been in.

"More detrimental than just dwindling tournament fields, it’s the shuttering of pool halls, the disappearance of pool on television, the absence of any endorsement deals for top players.

"It isn’t at all clear how such a beloved game can be in such dire straits. But it is."

Among the things they're trying to bring people back in the game? Re-buy tournaments. It's a fascinating piece beyond just the corollaries to poker and well worth a read; check it out here.

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