Daily 3-Bet: Ivey Iced, Bellande Bentley, Charania Smoked Out

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a wheatgrass shake, a handful of kale chips and half a pack of Gauloises on the afternoon poker news tourney break.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a surging Phil Ivey iced unceremoniously at the EPT Grand Final, Jean-Robert Bellande gets literal with Dan Bilzerian and his Bentleys and Mohsin Charania gets puffed out in Monaco.

1) Ivey Gets Coolered

Phil Ivey
The cruelest game on earth.

Just as the dream of a Phil Ivey final table at the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo® Casino EPT Grand Final Main Event began to ramp up, a bucket of ice water was dumped on it by Italian Marcello "luckexpress10" Marigliano today on Day 2.

Surging to the top five in chips in vintage Ivey form it was shaping up to be a dream few days in Monaco for railbirds with one of the game's greatest in control.

As we know happens so often in poker, though, it all disappeared in a heartbeat in a gigantic cooler.

Flopping a straight with Jx-8x on a board of Qx-Tx-9x Ivey happily got it all in before the turn only to see Marigliano flip over Kx-Jx for the higher straight.

That was that for Ivey in the Main Event while Marigliano heads into Day 3 among the chip leaders.

We assume Ivey will be among the heavy hitters in the 25k high roller starting Wednesday but poker fans around the world are a little bummed right now, regardless.

More on the day's action here. Follow the Day 3 live stream from Monaco starting at 6 am EDT right here on PokerListings.

2) Jean-Robert Bellande Has a Bentley (Maybe)

Remember that thing last week where the perenially broke Jean-Robert Bellande reportedly won the equivalent of 11 Bentleys in a huge cash-game involving poker enfant terrible Dan Bilzerian (who's been up to more ill-thought activities himself lately)?

Well he doesn't have 11 of them now. But he does seem to have one:

Bellande does post A LOT of pictures of himself with supermodels, too, and we're pretty sure he doesn't have a supermodel girlfriend, so take this pic as you wish.

3) Charania Reminded France is Still France

Think the health-and-fitness craze so popular among high-end poker players these days is universal?

France is still gonna France, it seems:

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