Daily 3-Bet: Ivey Blasted, Edog Outed, Galfond Sues

Phil Ivey
Ivey: Self-directed or handcuffed by incompetence?

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a long-awaited, wrist-soothing release from the afternoon poker news golden handcuffs.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Phil Ivey, Erick Lindgren and John Juanda directly in the path of the Lederericane and Phil Galfond joining the legal circus with a lawsuit against Bluefire Poker.

1) Lederer Blasts Ivey For Lawsuit, Looking Out for #1

Boom. If Parts 1-4 of the ongoing Lederer Files on PokerNews didn't open the door to Howard Lederer’s “unique” psychological underpinnings, Parts 5 and 6 certainly blew it right off the hinges.

Opening up his blame cannon and blasting at high velocity, Lederer aims right at Phil Ivey in Part 5.

Among other things he calls Ivey’s post-Black Friday lawsuit "nonsense," Ivey's contention he should be released from his Golden Handcuffs “horrific” and says Ivey’s main concern (unlike Howard’s) was always himself rather than the players.

Referring to Ivey as “the face of Full Tilt Poker” Lederer also calls it “outrageous” and “takes offense” at the idea Ivey was being praised for standing up to FTP for the poker community. Behold:

2) Lindgren Outed for $4m “Loan”, Juanda Also Ripped

While Phil Ivey is in the crosshairs in Part 5, Lederer really sprays the blame around in Part 6.

Lederer attacks several FTP owners and board members for a variety of reasons, from not repaying loans to being difficult to work with to walking away from the mess altogether.

The accusations are too many to list but principal targets are Erick Lindgren and surprise “second-largest FTP shareholder” John Juanda.

Lindgren is flayed for an accidental $2 million overpayment on a $2 million loan, both of which he never returned. Juanda is ripped for not signing the eventual PStars deal, among other things.

Also taken to task are Phil Gordon, Ivey again and other FTP shareholders who didn’t pay back loans including David Oppenheim. In short, it's a blame bloodbath.

Praised are Chris Ferguson, for “returning” $14 million to the company and Lederer himself for “returning” $700k, although none of Lederer’s own money was ostensibly volunteered ($400k was a loan repayment and $300k was his FTP account balance, which he tried to forgive until Gus Hansen called him on it). Another clip that must be seen to be believed:

3) Galfond Sues Bluefire Poker for 2011 Wages

Phil Galfond
If Phil sues, you really blew it.

On another legal note entirely unrelated to the FTP mess but somehow fitting for today's news, Phil Galfond is suing a former partner in Bluefire Poker according to Courthouse News.

Claiming he's due 1/3 of profits and that he provided over 150 training videos, hundreds of blog posts and was involved in all major decisions as per their 2008 agreement, Galfond is suing William F. Murphy, of Austin, Texas, dba MGH LLC for unpaid earnings in 2011.

According to the suit:

"Galfond says Murphy paid him more than $179,000 in profit participation in May 2010, and more than $238,000 in May 2011, but says he was given no accounting records, financial statements or tax returns either time."

"Upon information and belief, the defendant Murphy has misappropriated and converted to his own use and possession the assets of MGH."

Galfond surprisingly resigned from Bluefire Poker in Nov. 2011 while allegations about the company's inner workings came to light.

Galfond is seeking "an accounting, actual and punitive damages for breach of contract and conversion."

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roy jones jr jr 2012-09-20 15:35:46

lol at lederer's face looks like a retard

Mark Langevin 2012-09-20 15:34:51

Everyone should be able to see the clear contempt and massive smugness behind Lederer's barely tolerable interviews. Guy is clearly pathological and a straight sociopath who has no sense of culpability. Pretty sure it's a trait that runs in the family. Just zero sense that they do anything wrong. This interview is terrifying on many levels.

Hank 2012-09-20 13:40:05

That thumbnail captures my feeling about the whole interview. A giant, shifty, sloppy mess.

Cal Shipken Jr. 2012-09-20 12:38:53

thumbnail on the second video captures Lederer suffering a mid-interview stroke. I knew there was an explanation for his absentimindedness.

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