Daily 3-Bet: Ivey Appeal, Busquet Overhype, WSOP Seats for Memes

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Can we get a WSOP seat?

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Phil Ivey starting his appeal against Crockford’s, Olivier Busquet's musings on the GPL and getting WSOP seats for creating memes.

1) Ivey’s Crockford’s Appeal

When you lose £7.8 million due to a rather questionable decision by the London Court it tends to stick with you.

Phil Ivey
Phil Ivey

That’s why Phil Ivey isn’t letting that whole Crockford’s Casino owing him £7.8m thing go.

Ivey’s appeal began yesterday in a court in London.

Richard Spearman, Ivey’s attorney, made the argument that the court will need to decide what cheating is because traditionally it's attributed to dishonesty and there was none in Ivey’s case.

"There are a lot of games in which deception, certainly in the sense of bluffing, is integral to the game,” Spearman told Bloomberg. “Ivey would not act dishonestly."

Ivey gained an edge in the Baccarat-like game of Punto Banco by detecting an imperfection in the cards used. He used the same technique to win $9.8m from the Borgata state-side.

It’s now been over four years since Ivey won £7.8m from Crockford’s playing Punta Banco but he still hasn’t seen a dime of it.

2) Olivier Busquet Has Thoughts on GPL

Olivier Busquet took to Twitter to share some thoughts about the first couple weeks of the Global Poker League today.

As usual Busquet took a different angle and suggested players, fans and media probably need to avoid overhyping the players involved with the first season of the GPL.

Busquet, who’s been dominant for his LA Sunset squad, argues that many of the world’s best poker players are not involved and that should at least be acknowledged.

It's also exciting because Busquet said there are a number of big names on the bench that regret not joining up with the GPL.

Definitely worth thinking about:

3) PPA Giving Away WSOP Seats in Meme Contest

futurama poker

Who doesn’t love a good meme?

Well the Poker Players Alliance is giving creative photoshoppers a shot a buy-in for the 2016 WSOP Colossus just for making a poker-based meme.

According to the PPA it can be anything poker related including terrible players, bad beats, politics or great players as long as it’s not NSFW.

The PPA staff will select their favorite top 10 memes and the poker fans will be able to vote. The top two vote getters will each get a $565 buy-in for the Colossus.

In addition one voter will be randomly selected to get their own $565 buy-in.

To learn more or enter the contest just head over the PPA’s site.


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