Daily 3-Bet: Isildur1 Wins $1m, MGM Realization, Ivey vs. Negreanu

Negreanu Ivey
Daniel Negreanu faces down Phil Ivey in the EPT Grand Final Super High Roller.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Viktor Blom winning over $1m in a single day, MGM’s CEO with a surprisingly rational argument for online gambling and Daniel Negreanu tussling with close friend Phil Ivey in a massive pot.

1) Viktor Blom Records Another $1m Day

Old school Viktor Blom

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom isn’t playing in the EPT Grand Final in Monaco but that doesn’t exempt him from winning hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Instead Blom stuck to his natural habitat, which is the high-stakes games on PokerStars.

HighStakesDB estimated Blom pulled in just over $1m in the enormous $1k/$2k Limit Omaha Hi-Lo games that were running.

Blom played against Patrik “Fake Love888” Antonius, Kyle Ray, Matt Ashton and Jason Mercier amongst others.

He also found time to win $57k in the big 2-7 Triple Draw games against thecortster.

As you might expect it’s been a swingy year for Blom and he was actually down half a million in the early stages of 2015. Blom’s turned it around and, after last night, appears to be one of the biggest winners of the year.

2) MGM’s Jim Murren on Online Gambling: “The Internet is Here to Stay”

MGM Grand

Wait a minute did a Las Vegas casino CEO just give a concise, intelligent argument about why it’s important for brick and mortar casinos to embrace online gambling?

We’re definitely not talking about Sheldon Adelson.

Nope, that would be MGM CEO Jim Murren who told journalist Jon Ralston:

“…As I said in the interview, the Internet is here to stay. And until there is a licensed, US-based alternative, illegal overseas sites will continue to put consumers at risk. A federal ban won’t stop online gaming — it will only prevent licensed, legitimate operators from providing consumers with safe and secure games that include protections against underage gambling.”

That makes entirely too much sense.

3) Ivey Forces Big Fold From Negreanu

Is there anything better than winning a big pot from a close friend?

That’s what happened at the EPT Grand Final €100k Super High Roller earlier today when superstars Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu were seated at the same table.

In the hand Ivey got Kid Poker to lay down top pair in a massive 146,000-chip pot. Negreanu flashed the queen as he mucked to which Ivey smiled and exclaimed “Wow…” before mucking his hand without showing.

You can check the hand out below thanks to PokerStars. Of course the €100k is still ongoing and you can watch it right here on PokerListings.

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