Daily 3-Bet: Isildur1 Fable, Riess Sells Out, Esfandiari Twirls

The legend grows.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet offers three important lessons in the midst of the normally trashy mid-afternoon poker news world.

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Today’s 3-Bet covers the Bet Raise Fold crew launching a great new video, Ryan Riess selling some action and Antonio Esfandiari twirling some chips.

1) Bet Raise Fold Shoots Stylish Isildur1 Fairy Tale

The Bet Raise Fold crew released a new video recently and it’s a doozy.

Titled “The Legend of Isildur1” the video retells Viktor Blom’s epic rise and fall on Full Tilt Poker in 2009. In typical fairy tale fashion there is a hero, a villain and a lesson to be learned at the end.

It’s brilliant. Check it out:

2) Riess Selling Monster Package to PCA, Aussie Millions, WPT

Ryan Riess Wins 2013 WSOP Main Event 19
$8.3 milly ain't enough.

So sometimes $8.3 million just isn’t enough.

Ryan Riess, who won the 2013 WSOP Main Event last week, posted a high-roller package on Facebook that he’s trying to sell for the PCA, Aussie Millions and WPT World Championship.

The package includes two $100k tournaments, two $25k, one $15k and three $10k. That's a total of $295,000 in buy-ins and Riess will give you 1% of his action for $3,250.

About the only thing missing from the schedule is the massive $1-million buy-in Big One this summer.

Is it a smart decision to help mitigate variance in some of the toughest poker tournaments in the world? Probably.

On the other hand if you were ever going to take a few shots this would probably be the right time.

One thing is becoming clear, however. Riess will be putting that whole “best poker player in the world” statement to the test over the next six months.

3) Antonio Esfandiari Talking About Chips… Right?

We found this old chestnut of Antonio Esfandiari showing off chip tricks the other day and it’s noteworthy for a few reasons.

First off it’s incredibly dated and Esfandiari seems very understated compared to his current personality.

Second it’s so full of sexual innuendo it sounds like a Tobias Fünke rant from Arrested Development.

During the video you'll hear Esfandiari say "You can use one hand or two" or "You can do it fast or slow" or even "There are a couple moments in this trick where it's a little hard..."

Was Esfandiari leveling the entire poker world? Are we totally juvenile? Make up your own mind by watching the vid:

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