Daily 3-Bet: Iowa Cool, T.I. Fool!, Negreanu Stalked

Daniel Negreanu
Ladies love Daniel Negreanu.

The PokerListings 3-Bet is an afternoon drink thrown right in the face of the creep at the daily poker news club.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find the state of Iowa surprisingly voting to support online poker, TMZ dramatically overestimating rapper T.I.'s poker skill and Daniel Negreanu getting soaked in his latest vlog.

1) Iowa Senate Approves Online Poker Bill

Arthur Crowson
Big Iowa fan.

It still needs to be approved by both the State House of Representatives and Governor Terry Branstad, but Iowa is one step closer to regulated intrastate online poker.

According to the Des Moines Register, the Iowa Senate passed a bill Tuesday night that would allow state casino and ractracks to offer online poker.

The bill passed by a vote 0f 29-20 with no members speaking out against it.

Advocates say the expansion of gambling online will prop up Iowa’s tax revenue to the tune of $3-$13 million per year and also include $1.8 million for education and charity required from license holders.

Dissenters took the standard line of "concerns for the integrity of the family" despite legalized gambling already being available virtually everywhere in the US.

Senator Jeff Danielson says he has their concerns covered anyway:

“Anytime we deal with gaming issues, there are a lot of public policy considerations. We did our homework. We worked together to come up with a solution that we believe addresses the problem.”

Governor Bransard has shown a favorable inclination towards the issue in the past. The vote passes to the House in the near future.

2) Rapper T.I. QUINTUPLES His Money at the Poker Table!

Rapper T.I. was spotted at the Lumiere casino in St. Louis on Monday night playing in his “first-ever” live poker game.

Gossip site TMZ got wind of it and posted a note saying T.I. had some time to kill before a flight and “somehow QUINTUPLED his money, winning thousands of dollars.”

Nelly wouldn't even sit in a game that low.

Sounds amazing, right?

Sources told TMZ that T.I. bought in for $500 -- and then left the table with $2,500-$3,000!

Man, it’s like he owns the game.

Unsurprisingly, TMZ missed Will "the Thrill" Failla's $120k win in St. Louis on the most recent stop of the Heartland Poker Tour over the weekend.

No sightings of Allen Kessler at the video poker machine were reported either.

3) Negreanu Avoids Lindgren Question, Gets Drink Tossed on Him

It’s Wednesday, and that means another weekly Daniel Negreanu v-Rant.

This one is a doozy, clocking in at 20 minutes and covering a wide range of topics from Adam Pliska to loaning money in the poker world to Jeffrey Pollack's general trustworthiness to having a strange woman stalk him and throw a drink in his face.

One person not mentioned? Erick Lindgren, surprisingly, since he was at the center of the firestorm that got everyone interested in the money-lending issue in the first place.

Check it out below:

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