Daily 3-Bet: Ike on Rogan, Bilzerian on Stern, Paying Off Doyle

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Dan in real life, ready to go on Howard Stern Show.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a comfortable sofa, a Blue Yeti USB mic and all the time in the world for arrest-filled anecdotes on the afternoon poker news podcast.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find PokerStars pro Isaac Haxton sitting down for a head-to-head on the Joe Rogan podcast, Instagram sensation Dan Bilzerian settling in for an hour on The Howard Stern Show and learn what it takes to get Doyle Brunson's John Hancock.

1) Haxton Does Rogan

This has been in the works for awhile after Haxton and comedian/podcaster/MMA host Joe Rogan had a mutual respect-off on Twitter a few months ago.

Yesterday the proposed sitdown on The Joe Rogan Podcast happened and meandered over a wide range of poker-related topics over the course of three hours.

Plenty of great stuff to be heard here, especially Ike's clear and logical breakdown of the usual skill/luck and risk/reward questions. Rogan's amazement at the idea the best player doesn't always win a poker tournament was illuminating, though.

If a smart guy who is open to and around the poker industry often still doesn't get that we can only imagine what the average joe still thinks. Full interview below:

2) Bilzerian Does Stern

Now that it's happened we wonder what took so long for this natural pairing but poker playboy/Instagram enfant terrible Dan Bilzerian sat down for a go on The Howard Stern Show yesterday.

For fans of both, it's obviously old news and plenty of Bilzerian stories you've likely heard before. But plenty of good stories were to be had, including Bilzerian dropping $3.6m (exactly) at the poker tables on three occasions.

Stern also says Bilzerian "may be one of the most fascinating guys I've ever read about." Which, really, is incredible.

Stern's lack of understanding of how poker works was another surprise, though. Also good to know Bilzerian prepped himself appropriately in the green room.

3) Key to Dolly's Autograph: $

So this is what we've been doing wrong all these years.

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