Daily 3-Bet: Iglesias Flips, Rousso Hot Tips, RaiNKhaN Rips

Melanie Iglesias 4
Former Royal Flush Girl Melanie Iglesias.

The PokerListings.com Daily 3-Bet is a quick spin through three poker "news" stories of the recent past that deserve a closer look.

Any tips or suggestions for a future 3-Bet, feel free to post in the comments.

Today in a special all-video 3-Bet we hit up a new Christmas flipbook from former Royal Flush Girl Melanie Iglesias, another hot tip from Vanessa Rousso and a look back at a beloved SNG savant.

1) Melanie Iglesias Xmas T&A FlipBook

Fans of former WPT Royal Flush Girl Melanie Iglesias pretty much wait by the refresh button for a new video flipbook to be posted on her fanpage.

Her schtick: A quick-cut video of her peeling off a variety of themed outfits to get to her underwear.

Yep. That's it.

Seems like the model is working. Her first three flipbooks - besides being poker forum sensations - have around six million views on YouTube so far.

A brand new flipbook has arrived just in time for Christmas. And she's brought friends this time.

Check it out below:

Iglesias and three other WPT Royal Flush Girls walked off the job at the LA Poker Classic in August for still unspecified reasons.

Some say it was because they were asked to show up on time. Others say creative differences.

Let’s hope all can find comfort and peace this holiday season in the putting on and taking off of underwear.

Follow Iglesias on Twitter here. See the rest of her flipbooks here.

2) Vanessa Rousso's Hot Tips

Team PokerStars pro Vanessa Rousso has been a Go Daddy girl for about three years already and, besides a strange hidden talent video, she’s also made a "Hot Tip" series to help out poker beginners.

Four videos have gone up so far including How to Gauge Your Stack, How to Manage Your Chips (Winning=Survival), Leveraging Your Position and Deciphering Reads and Tells.

Her latest covers Maximizing Information From Your Opponents.

Haters can say what they want about her playing style, but $3.4 million in career earnings say she's doing just fine.

That number could have been even higher if it weren't for a horrific beat at the hands of Joe Tehan's 42o on the bubble of the $20k Epic Mix Max main event last week.

No poker tips can save you there.

Check out here latest tip below:

More on her Go Daddy page here.

3) Remembering RaiNKhaN

Known for his Monkey dance and obnoxious behavior at the 2007 WSOP Main Event, Hevad “RainNKhaN” Khan first came to prominence when he was accused of cheating on PokerStars because an opponent thought he was a bot.

A 26-SnG playing, multi-tabling robot.

Back in the day (that day being 2007), apparently no one thought that was possible.

RaiNKhaN, however, proved them wrong with this poorly lit video of him actually doing it. And on one monitor no less.

Filmed in his dorm room at SUNY Albany and set to the tune of Eye of the Tiger, there is so much win in this video it should be revisited daily.

To wit:

“I’ll tell you right now, for about four months, I was doing that shit, like, 6 to 7 sessions a day.

“AND I WAS BANKING. The only problem is that I have a spending problem, I cash out, I buy shit, you know, I gamble in the casino.

“That’s all done with now. I’m doing this straight up and I’mma keep making money off this.

"Cuz I’m good son."

RaiNKhaN, you are missed:

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Winner 2011-12-21 01:16:04

She makes the others look even uglier.

roy jones jr jr 2011-12-20 23:41:38

she's hot.

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