Daily 3-Bet: Hurricane JRB, Ho Roll, Stripping WSOP Champs

Jean-Robert Bellande
Jean-Robert Bellande: Category 1 bankroll.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a category-3ish typhoon losing steam but still bearing down on the unsuspecting afternoon poker news coast.

Any suggestions for a future 3-Bet, feel free to drop a note in the comments.

Today in the 3-Bet we find Jean-Robert Bellande being, well, JRB in the face of a hurricane, Maria Ho offering a possible $30k freeroll to her followers and Josh Arieh spurring a look at what might have been at the World Series of Poker.

1) JRB Somehow Takes Caribbean Vacation, Rides Hurricane Swell


Despite an ever-looming empty bankroll, everybody’s favorite poker Survivor Jean-Robert Bellande (sorry Jim Rice) has somehow managed to score himself a Caribbean vacation.

It’s a “mini-vacation,” he says, but still.

Better than most of us can do, and we’re not perpetually on the brink of financial ruin.

But, living like a millionaire on someone else’s dime is JRB’s thing so more power to him.

Based on the instagrams he’s been tweeting it’s been a picture-perfect holiday so far, although the looming hurricane is changing the outlook for fellow vacationers fairly quickly.

Not one to think rationally though, JRB is instead making big-wave thrashings instead of tracks to safer shores.

As he says:

Don’t ever change, JRB.

2) Maria Ho Offering Followers Possible $30k Freeroll

Maria Ho
Lovely and generous.

Fans of poker pro Maria Ho will know she’s been a celebrity spokesperson, along with Greg Raymer, for the WinStar World Casino in Oklahoma for the past year or so.

That sponsorship could now pay off big for one of her followers too.

According to her tweets, Ho says she's offering a 5% freeroll for her winnings in the upcoming $2.5 million River Series main event at the WinStar to one of her followers.

How the winner will be picked is still tbd, but based on last year’s prize pool she says the potential payout could be as high as $30k.

We’re assuming that’s if she wins the whole thing, but still. A freeroll is a freeroll. It also makes for a great, unexpected sweat for a tournament in Oklahoma.

Follow Ho on Twitter here to be eligible and check out WinStar World for main event details.

3) What If All WSOP Titles Were Vacated?

In light of the USADA's decision to strip Lance Armstrong of his Tour de France titles under doping suspicion, a tweet this morning from Josh Arieh, while also hilarious, spurred an idea.

The tweet:

A fairly ludicrous idea, but still.

Given that all of Armstrong’s titles are now going to the second-place finisher, we wondered what the poker picture would look like today if every WSOP main event champ in history was disqualified and the title given to the runner-up.

How does it all shake out?

Well. It probably wouldn't be half us much fun of a poker world as it is today. And other than a title for Erik Seidel, we’ll take it pretty much the way it happened.

Stay clean, Moneymaker. Stay clean.

Here's how the title list would look if every winner was DQ'ed:

  • 1971 Walter “Puggy” Pearson
  • 1972 Walter “Puggy” Pearson
  • 1973 Johnny Moss
  • 1974 Crandell Addington
  • 1975 Bob Hooks
  • 1976 Jess Alto
  • 1977 Gary Berland
  • 1978 Crandell Addington
  • 1979 Bobby Hoff
  • 1980 Doyle Brunson
  • 1981 Perry Green
  • 1982 Dewey Tomko
  • 1983 Rod Peate
  • 1984 Byron Wolford
  • 1985 T.J. Cloutier
  • 1986 Mike Harthcock
  • 1987 Frank Henderson
  • 1988 Erik Seidel
  • 1989 Johnny Chan
  • 1990 Hans “Tuna” Lund
  • 1991 Don Holt
  • 1992 Tom Jacobs
  • 1993 Glenn Cozen
  • 1994 Hugh Vincent
  • 1995 Howard Goldfarb
  • 1996 Bruce Van Horn
  • 1997 John Strzemp
  • 1998 Kevin McBride
  • 1999 Alan Goehring
  • 2000 T.J. Cloutier
  • 2001 Dewey Tomko
  • 2002 Julian Gardner
  • 2003 Sam Farha
  • 2004 David Williams (Sorry, Josh)
  • 2005 Steve Dannenmann
  • 2006 Paul Wasicka
  • 2007 Tuan Lam
  • 2008 Ivan Demidov
  • 2009 Darvin Moon
  • 2010 John Racener
  • 2011 Martin Staszko
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