Daily 3-Bet: HU Davids v. Goliaths, Nano vs. Jacobson, Ivey MIA

Phil Ivey5
Not the same without him.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a small sharp stone, a spring-loaded slingshot and the perfect shot right between the afternoon poker news eyes.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a polarized final four in the WSOP $10k Heads-Up, another hot matchup in The Cube and Phil Ivey, missing in action.

1) Two Davids, Two Goliaths

We mentioned yesterday the intriguing mix of superstars and lesser knowns in the final 32 of the WSOP $10k Heads-Up Championship so it's fitting the Final 4, set to play today, is the literal representation of it.

Olivier Busquet
A HU win for Busquet would be fitting.

On one side: Certifiable heads-up beasts Olivier Busquet and Alex Luneau.

On the other: 69-year-old highway contractor and Vietnam vet John Smith and 23-year-old actuary Alan Percal.

So pretty much the essence of the World Series of Poker, where the average poker player can rub shoulders and test wits with the game's best.

Not that Smith and Percal are scrubs, by any means, as they've clearly proven in their impressive wins to get to this point. But Busquet might actually be THE best heads-up player in the world. And Luneau's not far behind.

Action starts at 12:30 pm with a live stream on WSOP.com. Luneau will play Smith and Busquet will play Percal. The final follows at 3pm.

2) The Speed of Nano vs. the Power of Jacobson

Speaking of intriguing heads-up matches, the Global Poker League continues its 33-day Summer Series in Las Vegas with another good one.

Stepping into The Cube today: Multi-table speedmaster and Twitch hero Randy "nanonoko" Lew and 2014 WSOP Main Even Champ and MMA aficionado Martin Jacobson.

Besides their natural heads-up poker talent this is also an interesting match-up of physical styles with the power and stamina of Jacobson matched up against the fast-twitch reflexes of Lew.

Without stretching the "sportify poker" metaphor too far, it has been interesting to see how standing up for a couple of hours in a hot cube has affected play some.

It looks like a whole new type of grind, and some players will likely thrive more than others. Watch it play out live on Twitch starting at 11 am PT.

3) Where's Phil Ivey?

Phil Ivey 1 2015 WSOP
Soon, right?

One week into the 2016 World Series of Poker and we've seen Chris "Jesus" Ferguson in action but no Phil Ivey.

Not exactly the former Full Tilt Poker pro people would prefer.

We can assume Ivey will step in for some of the big events - the $50k Players, the Main - but not having Ivey multi-tabling in pursuit of massive bracelet bets just feels ... wrong.

We'll keep an eye out but Ivey's social media accounts don't give much hope he'll be there any time soon.

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