Daily 3-Bet: Hold the Fedor, Phil's Billions, Mike McD Grinds Again

Fedor Holz WSOP 4

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a high-interest loan, a tip about a game and just enough gas to get the afternoon poker news Gremlin on the road again.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a spectacular summer changing Fedor's plans, Phil Hellmuth does himself and the Rounders 2 rumor mill revs up again.

1) Hold the Secrets

Remember this tantalizing, 4-hour "Secrets of High Stakes Poker" webinar Fedor Holz was planning on sharing this fall?

Turns out a $10m summer on Las Vegas' tournament circuit might have changed his mind about revealing all his secrets:

We assume all is OK with him and, really, who could blame him for cancelling, anyway?

When you're clearly still miles ahead of the pack, there's no sense giving away your secrets just yet. Even for a fee. 

2) Phil Hellmuth, as Himself

Phil Hellmuth might just have the most fitting IMDB page in the world.

By far his #1 role in TV and movies, of which there are 39 listed dating back to 1999?

Hellmuth 2


His trademark, which we assume he submitted himself:

"Towering height."


One of poker's most famous faces is about to chalk up one more credit for his page, apparently, as he's just been to New York to film a spot on popular Showtime show Billions, set in the high-stakes world of NY high finance:

We assume, given the Billions showrunners are famed poker fans and Rounders screenwriters David Levien and Brian Koppelman, it'll be a spot in a poker scene as "himself," but you never know. He did really show his range in that Carl's Jr commercial in 2014.

Check out more about the show here.

3) Mike McD Meets OMGClayAiken

The return of perhaps the greatest poker film of all-time has been rumored for years but this time - really - it feels like it might actually happen.

Maybe. But given the recent success of the above-mentioned screenwriters, Levien and Koppleman, and a growing run of interviews with Matt Damon where he suggests there's already a good script for it, it seems like the dream just might be a reality. Eventually.

Here's hoping ... again. Check out Damon's latest from The Rich Eisen Show:

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