Daily 3-Bet: Hinkle Owns Bluffs, Positive Poker, Lindgren on CNN

Erick Lindgren
Is Erick Lindgren a degenerate gambler? Anthony Bourdain wants to know.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet applies some much needed feng shui to the typically unstructured mid-afternoon poker news world.

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In today’s 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Blair Hinkle snagging the 3-peat in Council Bluffs, Alex Dreyfus encouraging a “positive” poker industry and Erick Lindgren showing up in the most unlikely place.

1) Blair Hinkle Wins Third WSOPC Council Bluffs Title

Blair Hinkle

Blair Hinkle is insanely good at World Series of Poker Circuit events, particularly when they are held in Iowa.

There seems to be no other explanation after Hinkle successfully defended his WSOPC Council Bluffs title yesterday by defeating 247 players to win $90,700. He became the first player in WSOPC history to win the same exact Main Event three times.

It was actually a bit easier this time around as Hinkle outlasted 367 players in 2013 to win Council Bluffs for $121,177.

Meanwhile in 2010 Hinkle beat 251 players to win $88,566 at Council Bluffs. Keep in mind that entry to the event is only $1,600 so it's a pretty amazing return on investment.

Hinkle’s stats at the WSOPC are jaw-dropping. He has only cashed five times but won three events outright, made a final table in another and merely made it into the money just once.

It’s turning into quite the year for Hinkle who also received his check for over $1 million for his frozen Full Tilt Poker account balance.

2) GPI’s Dreyfus: Poker has a “Positive Economy”

Alexandre Dreyfus
Ten years in gaming. Get that man a watch.

The Global Poker Index’s Alex Dreyfus has officially been in the gaming industry for 10 years today and he decided to reminisce in a blog post.

Dreyfus discusses a number of things in the article including his journey to Malta, starting Chilipoker and various projects but the key message is about how the gaming industry and online poker in particular can be a “positive” industry.

One of Dreyfus’ friends argued that he wanted to get out of the industry because of how negative it is. This was Dreyfus’ response:

I actually don’t think being a stakeholder in the gaming industry – especially poker;) – is a bad thing. Should we blame poker dealers, bloggers, developers, designers, customer care, etc … that are related to our industry, because we all, collectively promote gambling? I don’t think so. Does it mean we have a responsibility to make it, collectively, better: Yes.

Check out the entire article on the GPI’s website.

3) Erick and Erica Lindgren Cameo on CNN’s Parts Unknown

This is a weird one.

Noted poker pro Erick Lindgren, who went to rehab for gambling addiction, made a cameo on Anthony Bourdain’s travel show Parts Unknown on CNN.

Lindgren’s role on the show? Gambling.

Both Lindgren and wife Erica Lindgren joined Anthony Bourdain in the pits for one of those Hold’em table games, which are played against the house.

It’s not clear if Bourdain knows about Lindgren’s past because at one point he asks him straight up: “Are you a degenerate gambler?” to which Lindgren responds, “I definitely have been. I'm trying to get past that. We have a two-year old daughter at home.”

Although the game they are playing is clearly low-stakes and fairly harmless it seems like an odd choice on the location. Kind of like interviewing a former alcoholic in a bar. You have to wonder who set the whole thing up.

The entire episode is about Vegas and actually quite good if you want to check it out below (the Lindgren part is at 26:30).

h/t to Zach Elwood for the clip.

Update: Unfortunately the clip has been pulled from YouTube but if you can track it down yourself the Vegas special is the second episode of the third season of Parts Unknown.

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