Daily 3-Bet: Hellmuth Vanity, Trickett Hosed, Monaco Piss-Take

Phil Hellmuth
So hard to keep pace with bracelet wins in license-plate form!

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Today in the 3-Bet we find the ever-growing vanity of Phil Hellmuth reaching new heights, Sam Trickett getting tossed over his salad order at the EPT Grand Final and a literal piss-take in Monaco taking toilet humor to the next level.

1) Hellmuth Struggling on # for Vanity Plate

So, it’s really no surprise Phil Hellmuth’s vanity runs over into, well, vanity plates.

Already the proud owner of the “PKRBRAT” plate in Nevada, Hellmuth now has eyes on flaunting his WSOP bracelet total to anyone stuck in traffic behind him on the PCH.

Never missing an opportunity to one-up his own vanity, Hellmuth also found a way to take it to new heights all in two tweets:

Oh Phil.

2) Trickett Tossed Over Monte Carlo “Salad”

We know first-hand that Monaco is an expensive place to play/cover a poker tournament (more than a few €22 Jack and Cokes can attest to that), but Sam Trickett’s experience today might be one of the most bizarre we've heard of:

3) Monte Carlo Toilet Literal Piss-Take

Speaking of ludicrous things you can be awestruck by in Monaco, this self-cleaning toilet seat in the Monte Carlo casino has been worthy of more than a few inside jokes among poker players:

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