Daily 3-Bet: Hellmuth v Colman III, Canseco De-Fingered, Nadia Sharked

Phil Hellmuth
Poker pied piper or "cancer to the world?"

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a strange smell, a wobbly joint and a not-quite-ready-for-publication afternoon poker news Vine video.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find the Phil Hellmuth/Dan Colman feud taking a new twist, Jose Canseco drops an actual finger in a poker pot and Shannon Elizabeth returns to TV poker.

1) Colman: I Multi-Accounted

Dan Colman
Multi-accounted as a teenager, he says.

As you likely saw last week, One Drop winner Dan Colman took a few pointed jabs in a 2+2 post at Phil Hellmuth and his semi-self-appointed role as poker's "gatekeeper."

Among other things Colman called Hellmuth a "whore" and a "cancer," both to poker and the world, for his self-aggrandizing and embarrassing egomania on and off the poker table.

In short: he's not the type of guy we should feel proud of or Colman thinks we "need" in the poker industry.

Hellmuth proclaimed he was "hurt" by the unprovoked attack; Colman posted again saying he was too harsh and backtracked slightly but still said his point is valid.

Ie. that Hellmuth is a terrible "ambassador" for poker and still needs to answer some hard questions about his role at UB.

Everyone else then went on a tangential Twitter fight about the role famous poker personalities have played in making poker what it is today.

The latest? Hellmuth won the Pittsburgh Poker Open Main Event and Colman said he multi-accounted as a teenager.

If you're interested in that type of thing, here's where you can watch it all play out.

2) Jose Canseco Loses Finger at Poker Table

So, this happened over the weekend:

3) Shannon Elizabeth Gets In the Cage, Too

A surprising guest on this week's episode of PokerStars' Shark Cage? The much-loved Nadia from the American Pie movies, Shannon Elizabeth.

And guess what? She gets caged...

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