Daily 3-Bet: Hellmuth-tron, Wahlberg Plays "Poker", Jacobson Cash

Phil Hellmuth
Phil Hellmuth

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Phil Hellmuth’s new heads-up machine, Mark Wahlberg in a “poker” interview and Martin Jacobson doing what he does best.

1) Phil Hellmuth Heads-Up Machine Lands in Bellagio

Phil Hellmuth heads up machine
Liv Boeree takes a selfie with Phil Hellmuth HU machine.

Want to play Phil Hellmuth at Bellagio?

Well now pretty much anyone can thanks to a new Phil Hellmuth Limit Hold’em Heads-Up video game machine.

Apparently the Hellmuth machine will even blow up if you win a series of hands against it.

It’s going to be really awkward the first time the Hellmuth heads-up machine berates a Bellagio guest and calls him or her a “Northern European.”

Can’t wait until your next Bellagio trip to get a Hellmuth fix? You can entertain yourself in the meantime with our Brat-master 2000 Phil Hellmuth soundboard.

Of course the Hellmuth heads-up machine has other uses besides poker as Liv Boeree discovered.

It’s a selfie machine!

2) Mark Wahlberg Plays “Poker” in Gambler Interview

Actor Mark Wahlberg is doing the full court press for his new flick “The Gambler” and even sat down with USA Today reporter Donna Freydkin for a mock game of “poker.” 

The only problem is that they appear to be playing Blackjack despite the headline of the video.

Freydkin did ask Wahlberg if he has a good poker face and apparently he does but only in regards to dealing with his children, not for actually playing poker.

No word on whether there’s any poker in the actual movie, which looks to focus more on table games like roulette.

Check it out below:

3) Jacobson Places Second in EPT Prague Side Event

Martin Jacobson
Martin Jacobson

This Martin Jacobson kid might be good at poker.

The reigning world champion didn’t wait too long to add a few more shekels to his enormous $10m score in November.

Jacobson finished second in an EPT Prague €4,000 Deepstack side event for €60,570.

It’s worth noting since some of the other former world champions didn’t have a lot of success after winning the main event.

It’s pretty clear by this point that Jacobson is no one-hit wonder and there will be plenty more scores in his future.

With his second-place finish Jacobson moved past the $15m mark for his lifetime live tournament earnings.

Jacobson also finished second in the SCOOP main event for half a million so it’s safe to say he’s had a pretty exceptional year.

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