Daily 3-Bet: Hellmuth Swings, SCOOP4Charity, Sick Mateos Bluff

IPhil Hellmuth MG1414
Huge golf fan.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a good luck charm that will help you navigate the perilous mid-afternoon news seas with ease.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Phil Hellmuth’s fondness for golf, giving back with SCOOP4Charity and Adrian Mateos bluffing Johnny Lodden in all-time great hand from the EPT Grand Final.

1) Hellmuth Featured in Golf Digest

Phil Hellmuth's golf buddy?

Did you know Phil Hellmuth has a life-long love affair with golf?

We didn’t either but a recent interview with the Poker Brat in Golf Digest revealed Hellmuth was into golf long before poker.

According to Hellmuth there are some similarities between the two, however:

“There's more luck in poker. Getting good at golf requires a certain amount of physical aptitude. Both take a lot of patience. Both require knowing when to gamble—either with a big bluff or a high-risk shot. Both can be infuriating. I'm known for showing emotion at the poker table, and I used to be the same way with golf, throwing clubs and acting like a complete brat, until about five years ago…”

Just five years ago, Phil? We kid.

The other interesting aside was that Hellmuth once had a chance to play golf with Michael Jordan but slept in and missed the opportunity. Whoops.

2) REG Launches SCOOP4Charity

PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker is nearly upon us and poker players are going to win millions of dollars.

Poker charity initiative REG (Raising for Effective Giving) is taking the time to ask players to give a little back in the form of a pledge to donate 3% of final table winnings.

It’s a fantastic idea and Philipp Gruissem, Liv Boeree and Andre Akkari have already joined in by making their own pledges.

So if you’re planning on a huge SCOOP be sure to give the organization a RT and give a little back.

3) Adrian Mateos Award-Nominated Bluff

The GPI European Poker Awards took place last night and you can catch up on all the various winners right here on PokerListings.

We want to draw special attention to this hand between Adrian Mateos and Johnny Lodden that was nominated for Best Moment. It didn't end up winning but it's certainly worth another look and what better time then right now.

Spoiler alert: It’s a doozy.

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